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Ohio here: C9 approved Work appeals??
Okay finally after a year the MCO approves the C-9 for going to the pain management doctor and to the neurologist and my work appeals the approval. Why? What's the point of having the MCO approve if they're just going to appeal? I made the appoitments and I guess workers comp will have to pay for the visits since they are approved right? The thing is all I have ever wanted to do is get the chance to see the doctors that may help me and go back to work and yet my work fights it every step of the way. I can't understand. I did approval to see the physocologist once a week for three months for the depression and the post tramatic stress that have been added to my claim. I still am waiting for approval to have the brain injury addressed even though head injury has been added to the claim. Honestly my experience with the whole workers compensation gig has been such a dissappointment. And now they the MCO or work or someone has decided I don't need the medications I take so they put a do not pay for them on my claim. So I have to pay for them because they are not medications you are suppose to stop taking without being taken off them slowly. Wouldn't you think the Nurse that works for the MCO would know that or does that not matter? There are so many things that happen to injuried workers after they are injuried that I can't understand how Workers Compensaiton is for the employee and looking out for their health. Doesn't seem that way to me or am I wrong??? Sorry just frustrated and ranting. How many appeals are there to an approved c-9 anyway?

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Ohio here: C9 approved Work appeals?? - Dinah - 06-27-2007, 08:41 PM

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