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Employer has no insurance
I work in Myrtle Beach at a local car wash. About a month and a half ago I hurt myself on the job while working. I immediately informed my boss. At that time I didn't go to the doctor. About three days ago the pain in my lower abdomen increased severely and a lump appeared in my scrotum area. After going to the hospital today I was diagnosed with a groin hernia. The doctor informed me that I was going to need surgery to repair the wall in my abdomen. I informed my boss and was told he did not have workers comp insurance. He told me he was not going to pay for it out of pocket either. He is also my land lord for my apartment in Surfside and informed me I had to go back to work in order to pay my rent (I have missed the last three days). I informed him that due to the location of my hernia, it was putting pressure on my testicles and was creating an overwhelming amount of pain. The ER doctor also told me to stay flat in bed until I could follow up with the specialist for a consultation. I am an hourly paid employee, not a sub contractor. We also have at least nine employees that work full time. I am inquiring what my rights are. Any advise you could give me would be a great benefit. Thank you!
Sorry I don't know the laws in your state for sure but as far as I know every state requires employers to have work comp insureance. Somebody will be able to answer your question.
I would contact a lawyer. I do not know your state laws either, but I would bet that your employer just got himself into some really deep water having 10 employees and no WC ins!! I am a hernia victim too and if you keep doing what caused it your only going to make it worst. I'm sure this will be difficult for you having your boss be your landlord, I was once in a situation like that bot my boss/landlord would take care of ME whenever needed. Hopefully your employer will come around and take care of you, If not a lawyer will help you get what you deserve. Good Luck.

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