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Occupational Disease
I have been disgnosed with an occupational disease and have an impairment rating. I represented myself because the attorneys I talked to wanted to turn this into a nasty circus - and my boss begged me to be nice....dumb, I know. However, I won lifetime medical and my employer, of course, appealed. The appelate court has instructed the employer to try and settle before this goes any farther. Nice - excepting my employer's attorney is saying that since this is an occupational disease they only have to pay for medical until I reach Social Security retirement age, and they do not have to pay anything for the impairment since it is not 100%. Anyone out there know the real facts or where I can find them?
most states have websites with information posted about their comp benefits and the rules. some even have a help desk or ombudsmen.
Best bet is to try there.
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.
At the bottom of the page is a section on occupational disease. Hope the info helps. http://www.workerscompensation.com/regul...ategory=EE
7 Yr survivor of the NY State workers compensation system
Your employer begged you to be nice and then they appealed. Why did they do that if they begged you to be nice. It is really sad when you have to go to court and bring a lawyer into it...........like you said a circus!

Can you still trust your employer.........I do not know. I just know it is sad when you have a legitimate injury because you were doing a job function that was HELPING your employer get ahead and then they show no courtesy to you. We live in a world where human beings are consider units, not people!

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