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I Have been having lots of pain in my lower back got diagnosed a month or so ago that i have a pinched nerve, but it is getting worse, my back is locking up where i am walking stooped over and it takes me about 5 minutes to get up.some pain in my legs but not real bad someone told me i might have a slipped disk do you think this could be true just asking for opinions? thanks
no matter where you're at there you are
stress will make everything worse...you tighten up your whole body and its gonna hurt......Bummer knees turned me on to Tiger balm patches and they really help alot...try putting it on at night before bed and see if it helps.......A massage also helps if you can afford it.....And if nothing above helps get an appt with your doc and see about some tests to find out whats happening......
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

A pinched nerve can cause pain down the leg into the foot. the same as a disc. Have you had a MRI? You could also try a support brace from the pharmacy , heat, ice to your back. try not to sit or stand in one place to long.....Anything is possable. If it does not get better in a week or so, You should see your Dr. Take it easy, no heavy lifting, bed making , vacumning and standing at the sink for long periods can increase your pain. So go easy.....
Tuffy and Jayne are Right on the Money Half Trak!! Stress can Surely Cause Havoc on Your Pain, and God knows You have Your Hands Full!! Listen to the Girls, they know what they are Talking about, and I'm also Afraid to Argue with those 2, they are Cute as a Button, but as Tough as Wildcats!!Tongue

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