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Attorney Out of Practice
Dear Forum,
Hello! I have a longtime WC case (it was left as an open settlement so I could still get medical), and my attorney is getting a percentage of that. He is now out of practice, but still getting the %. I have a pending medical procedure that I now need my lawyer to help with, but since he is no longer in practice I can't go to him. My question is now what can I do? Can I stop the old lawyer from getting his %, since he isn't in practice and able to represent me? Do I need to hire a new lawyer and pay them another % on top of what I am already paying the old lawyer? Please help! I am frustrated at this point. (Please note I am in Illinois)

Thanks in advance!
Hi Cougar and welcome. Boy Iam also from Illinois, but this has me stumped, Was your attorney working alone or with a firm? If with a firm I would try calling them, or maybe just call the retired attorney and asking him. Then you could always call another WC attorney and run your questions past him/her. The first meeting is always free. Hopefully someone else from Illinois will offer there opinions. Good Luck and keep us informed.

PS, Did someone else take over his practice?
Haven't heard to much about an Open Settlement in Illinois. Since the Attorney is not going to help you, then you need to seek another.
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