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Question about NCT & EMG test?
I have been scheduled this week for a nerve conduction test and EMG test for the right leg.

I am looking for information as to how long these test take.

Also is it okay for me to drive after having the test?

Thank you for taking the time to read this post.
BK, I had mine done on both legs at the same time. I drove to the appointment and back home on my own. The tests took about 45 minutes.
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While the EMG portion hurts a bit the pain is gone as soon as the test is over. there is no effect on the brain and you are fine to drive. total time will be about an hour.
Thank you AQA and Cycler

That is the information I am needing.
I drove 2 hours home after having had my EMG/NCV ..there are really no lasting effects once the test is complete.

As for how long the testing will take, it depends upon how good the Dr or tech is that is doing the testing. This was the 4th one I had gone through and I have had them last anywhere from 30 minutes to 2.5 hours. It also depends upon the actual amount of testing they decide to do.

Angel ^j^
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Thank you Angel

I've had the nerve conduction test done before for the carpal tunnel. Never had an EMG before. A neurologist will be doing the test.
Like everyone said. It depends on the area they are testing as to how long the test lasts. I have had 4 myself and I have had two different doctors. The doctor I like best is the one I had the last two done with. He also gave me my results right away. Some will tell you if you ask what they saw during the testing. They would prefer your doctor tells you , but some will tell you themselves.

I waited for my neurologist to type up the report so I could bring it to a doctors appointment the same day. Sometimes you may see alittle bit of blood and they will put a small bandaide on it to stop the bleeding. I had this happen to me one time. The test is really not bad at all. Didn't you have this done for the carpal tunnel? I think you are talking about the same test. Nerve conduction/ Emg.
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I had the nerve conduction test not the EMG for the carpal tunnel

(The shocking not the needles)

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