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Question about W2 while on WC
Thank You!!! I'm from Pa., and All of the Info. I have given You is Current and Correct!! And Trust Me, if You even Mention You can Change those Bulbs with One Hand, You'll be Out of the System so Fast Your Head will Spin!! Set Tight, and do Nothing, and get an Attorney Fast!! You still haven't Mentioned if you are Receiving Weekly or bi-Weekly Payments from w/c. You have to be Upfront with Us if You want Our Help, We are Injured Workers trying to Help each Other, and it's Very Frustrating when We have to Play 20 Questions to be able to Help! Mr.Belt on Here is a w/c Attorney from Pa., and a Dam* Good One in My Book, PM Him and see if He is in Your Area, and can Help You!! See how much Info. You can get if You just be Upfront!!Wink

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RE: Question about W2 while on WC - ace25 - 02-16-2009, 01:02 PM
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