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Question about W2 while on WC
If You do Continue to Work for the Second Co., You are going to have to Report ANY Monies Made to w/c, and they are going to Deduct from Your Payments from them. I would be Very Leary of going Back to Work at all if You think You have Issues that are going to be long going with w/c, such as Surgeries etc. You Really didn't explain Your Injuries and Restrictions, so it's Hard to Answer Your Question Fully. Also Your State would Help. It's always the Goal to get back to Work when Injured, but You also have to Look at Your Rights and Benefits from Your Injury, and if Returning to Work is the Right thing to do at this Point. It may very Well be, but Your Thread lacks a lot of Info. for Us to try and Assist You, You May want to Explain Your Situation More, Injury, State, how Long Injured, Restrictions, etc. With that Info., More on Here, Hopefully Some from Your State can give You More Precise Info.!!Wink

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RE: Question about W2 while on WC - Still in Limbo - 02-15-2009, 01:33 PM
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