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New Member!
Hi everybody,I have finally gotten around to register...First,I have to mention from what I have read on this board,that this is the best group of people when it comes down to knowledge and advice on
the various questions,concerns,and general statements of Workers Compensation.I look forward to being a part of this message board!Cool
cool ......welcome
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

welcome jimmy

hope you get everything orhelp that you need
this is a great bunch and express their own opinions
Welcome Jimmy!
Welcome Jimmy - Glad you are joining us.

Welcome Jimmy. There are soooo many wonderful people on here. People full of genuine compassion and knowledge.
Always love your cubs unconditionally...they are a gift from God and someday they'll pick your nursing home!!
Nice to have you here Jimmy, welcome.
The good news is,"You can get used to anything."
The bad news is,"You can get used to anything."
Welcome to the forum family, Jimmy Smile
Glad to have you aboard Jimmy! I sure hope we can help and also learn from you! Again Welcome and I look forward to talking with you!!Wink

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