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A crazy morning, the Dr. appointment that didn't happen!
I had a left knee replacement last summer, today was the 6 month appointment. Today's appointment was scheduled at the request of the doctor's nurse.

When I got to the appointment the receptionist said the doctor's notes say you do not see the doctor until June, I will have to call your case manager.

When the receptionst got off the phone she said, the case manager will only approve treatment of your right knee. I told her that the doctor is only authorized to treat the left knee, the one with the replacement.

She then gave me a copy of a fax from the case manager.

It reads:
Per our conversation, we are authorizing treatment of the right knee only. We are denying left knee treatment at this point.

I read the fax and told the receptionist to look thru my medical records for the court order of medical treatment for the left knee

(I do have an IME schedule for next month for treatment for the right Knee)

After reading the court order the doctor's nurse said my file will be turned over to the administrator to determine if the doctor can see me again.

I have an appointment scheduled with my attorney for Monday morning.

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