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Another Doc Visit today
I saw my w/c doc today and was told by her that I have reached my medical maximum. I was told that I can never return to nursing and I would never be able to do any job that is physically demanding.
I don't know much about medical max. Do I still receive w/c payments? My case worker for the attorney wants me to still go to see my own doc for a second opinion.
Where do I go from here?
Hello-I know in my state of VA, at MMI, you still get your checks until you can get a job that pays the same amount that your original job paid. If you are told that you can not work at all, which is what my Dr. has said at this point, then they have to just keep paying you. But I do know that this is a an area that differs between states, so I am sure someone will come along and be able to help you out with your specific state info. soon. Are your restrictions such, that you might be able to find some sort of work? If that is the case, then they should keep paying you the difference between either what you can now make and what you use to make or between what you can make now and what you have been making from the ins. payments. In Va, those payments have to last 5 years. Of courses, if you find a job that pays you the same or more than before, then all the payments will stop.

I wish you the very best.


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