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Shoulder surgery peeps
I was scheduled for subacromial decompression surgery. It's been postponed. Now I think it's for the best, I think I was misled by the surgeon. Anyone that has had this type of surgery? I was told I wouldn't be able to use the shoulder for a week, then I could start ROM. Even if there were other repairs done, he said I would feel better than I do now in three weeks. Anyone have any comments? My daughter is getting married 2/28. I will give hugs vs. shaking with my right hand in the receiving line. Even with the swelling 2x in that bicep my dress fits. Motrin, Ice and ROM exercises I think I can function ok for the wedding. Would I be able to function ok if I had the surgery before?

if you have the surgery before hand - you can expect to be able to do some rom exercises but for the most part the the shaking of hands will cause you increased pain levels.

It took driller 6 months or so before he felt better after his surgery and to this day - almost 5 yrs after his surgery he still has some problems with his shoulder. I haven't had surgery done on my shoulders because dr's say I am to young ...... lol and I have better range of motion than he does. Although my pain levels are increasing again - could be the weather patterns we have been having here in the south or just that my shoulders are saying it's time to get fixed. Hard to tell.

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