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back problem
This is a year old, never heard back from this poster neither.
Reply's are intended solely for informational purposes. They are based on personal opinions, experience, or research and are "not to be taken as fact or legal advice", otherwise, always consult an attorney or a doctor.
pete Wrote:Hi, i am new to this site. I think it is great to see other people help others in support and answers , I just think it is very humane and rather decent of everyone that answers to people in this site. I need some advise from anyone that may think that they could offer some sound advise. I hurt my back this past year [ I work at a steel mill in Illinois] and at first I thought it would just heal on it own. I informed my work that i had a mri done and that i had 3 herniated disks and a 4th was degenerating. I had surgery and they cleaned up what they could. I did not claim that it was work related , even though it was. I did not want to risk my relationship with my employer and feared that they would fire me if i filed a workers compensation claim. I am 46 years old and feared losing my job. I have never filed workers comp ever and I have seen how the corporation has treated employees that have filed. It was not positive to say the least. it has been 2 months since surgery and i have the same pain as i had before the surgery. I am in pain from the time i can get out of bed until i can try to fall asleep. I fear that i will be crippled the rest of my life.I fear that I am totally disabled and will not be able to return to work. Is it to late to file? I am pretty scared. I have three kids that I am putting through in college and i am the sole provider for my family. I need help and was wondering if anyone has any suggestions as to what my options may be. Thank you , pete

I was working road construction in 1999 shoveling asphalt when I felt a pain in my shoulder. I had told the foreman about it and shook it off to arthiritis. That was in June. I worked for 6 mo. and when I got laid off I went to a doc. and he had taken an MRI and told me I had a rotator cuff tear. I had reported it to my Ins. co and they wrote back asking if I had done it on the job. If I had not told the foreman of this,by the way he denied it but luckley my fellow workers found out also. To make a long story short My employer went all the way to the Ohio State court and lost all the hearings if it were not for my fellow workers sticking up for me. So if you have someone that can verify you did it on the job you have a good chance of winning. Get a lawyer,tell him the facts and let him decide as what to do. Don't EVER think of your employer as a friend, they could care less about you. You think about YOU and getting better and providing for your family.
I've had 2 L/shoulder surgeries,3 r/shoulder and 2 back surgeries all job related and no job to go back to and I'm 61 yrs old.
Please Look at the Date of the Original Post from Pete, it's Well over a Year Old!! This Poster is no Longer in the Site!!Wink JS, You May want to put a New Thread of Your Own on for Answers!! Have a Great Day!!Wink

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