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Update and Questions!
Hi everyone! I have been reading posts everyday here and am amazed at how everyone is just great in helping answer some of life's most complexing and nerve wrecking questions! Thanks guys!
Anyway, it seems like we picked a good attorney. He is very helpful and returns calls right away which really suprises me since he probably won't get much out of our case! My husband is rated at 15% impairment in wrist and 12% mental. Att. gave a figure that he thinks the IC will give settlement for based on that but also said that since my hubby will close the medical he will get a little more. We have not gotten a letter from IC on the issue yet, and it has been over 8 days since IR. Yes, we are impatient! We were also told that he could get backpay from unemployment for the year he wasn't working. I don't see how that can be since he wasn't formally terminated (by letter) till last month. The att. is going to call unemployment while my husband is in the office today so that everyones questions can be answered. That is kinda cool! We will see what happens. Another conundrum: my hubby has been paying faithfully on child support for 13 year old son living in another state for years but still owes back CS for the years prior to us being married b/c he paid with money orders and the ex didn't keep the stubs so there was no record of him ever paying for about 3 years! So we are having to pay twice! Anyway, the back CS will have to be paid out of the settlement which is o.k for us because it's only 300.00 or so. Then its taken care of! Yea! No more intervened state tax refunds going to the ex! So actually, I guess she will have received 3 times the back c/s amount if that makes any sense! Sorry for the rant, it has been eating me alive for awhile! I have no issue what so ever [/color][/font]with us paying, but she could have been a little more honest! Thanks for listening! Any comments would be appreciated! Everyone have a great, hopefully comfortable day!Wink
Wow Worried, that is great and wonderful to hear! What attorney did you end up with? I am happy to hear it all worked out and ya'll are being treated respectfully.

The good news is,"You can get used to anything."
The bad news is,"You can get used to anything."
Thanks Sithie! We went with a firm called Ring and Associates in Fort Collins. So far so good! Big Grin
Glad to hear things are looking up for you Colorado!! I love to hear good news on the Board! As far as the c/s goes, once it's over, just think of it as water over the dam and let it go. No need to fret on the past, believe me some things have happened to me lately, and I had to do just that! Best of Luck and i hope everything works out!!Wink
Thanks Still! Yup, I agree. If you live in the past it's hard. Maybe this year isn't turning out so bad after all!

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