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RN with PTSD needs Reasonable Accomodation
CA Update Chasnrnbos
I have submitted three requests for Reasonable Accomodation for an adjusted work schedule for insomnia and nightmares. Since returning to work, I was forced to return to the same unit as the homicide, and float when finally temporarily placed on another unit above same unit. I have contacted the State Board of personnell, Sam Blakesly office and EEO filing complaints. After 19 years of state service, I lost my reqular schedule because I could not return to the same unit and given a schedule that did not accomodate my PTSD. Fighting for my rights have been debilitating. PTSD has such a stigma. I had hoped that the courage and strength it took returning to work would be acknowledged. Instead, It was not. I hope those who get provide information to others and their families about how lifelong the effects are. For those who have been subjected to any trauma, and continue to be, try to find a support group. There are none in my area. I am yet to go through more trials. I am here for any advice and or references if you need some.


chasnrnbos Wrote:CA:
My workmans comp case approved in March 08, after a homicide on the unit I worked. I am the primary witness. I am being forced to go back onto the unit that the homicide occured unless I get a reasonable accomodation. 2 medical doctors have me Diagnosed. I am pending my AME in May. Seeking an alternative work for an RN. I have worked for the state of CA 18 years. Unless there becomes an opening, I go to TTD with less income. Finacial hardship. Can anyone help me with writing an reasonable accomodation request? the language is difficult which include essential functions. HELP Time is Running out

RN in CA with PTSD

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RE: RN with PTSD needs Reasonable Accomodation - chasnrnbos - 07-02-2010, 01:44 PM

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