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Fantastic pictures
Has anyone seen the pictures of them raising the Jet from the Hudson?? The pilot of that plane had some one riding on his shoulder and those passengers were lucky he was there pilot. God Bless them all.
He surely is a hero. He had to make a choice which could have turned out to be a disaster, but Thank God for all of those people he kept his head. The one man on the plane said he has actually felt worse landings on the air strip than this one was.
That Pilot not only Earned His Wings to Fly, He also Earned His Wings for the After-Life!!Smile
The co-pilot is from a small town just about 40 miles north-west of me. In Wisconsin. There was a write up about him in our local paper. I have a friend who is a retired pilot ( Major) Air Force, and he was saying that is one of the things fighter pilots are taught is to ditch there planes if anything goes wrong, wether on land or sea.....
I saw this and this man is a hero in my eyes. He saved over a hundred lives by putting his past skills to use....... he even checked the plane completely before he left, and he as the capt. was the last to leave the plane. He is a man of high morals, integrity, and concern for others. I wish he drove every plane I will in the future fly on.... Red
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Looks like we all witnessed a miracle.Smile
It is a miracle. That pilot is definately a hero. I believe I read he has 15,000 hours fly time, and gives seminars. That plane full of passengers were so lucky to have him. I cant even imagine how scared they all were, Iam sure including pilot and co-pilot, yet they stayed calm.

I havent seen an interview with him yet, has he done one yet?
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