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History of doctors, where to look?
Does anyone know where to look to find out a history of a wc doctor on the internet? I live in Ohio.
Try this site: https://license.ohio.gov/lookup/default.asp?division=78

Also google doctor's name alone, or along with the words "workers comp".
Let Go, and Let God......
what kind of history ? You won't find much of anything on the Ohio gov site unless they had a professional reprimand or such. If you want to check out who has a bad reputation in IME's then you should try the other workers comp site where there is a long list of ohio IME docs and what people thought of them. People there are a little cranky though.
and we are not?................Just kidding I know we have the best site in the U.S.
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Good Morning Everyone, thank you for your comments.
Hi Netta! Go to the Website of the Hospital They Use for Their Surgeries and Search there. Some Hospitals will give You a History of the Dr.'s to Read. I Hope this Helps, and Have a Great Day!!Smile
Thank you,
Still In Limbo
...or you can try these:
DH had posterior spinal decompresion, Bi-Lateral laminectomy L3-S1, Excision of L4-5 on L/side. 2/07

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