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claim denied
Last week my claim was denied. They called no witnesses, or spoke to any of my doctors. How can they deny it? I have a lawyer and he doesnt seem real eager. Should I get a new lawyer or are they all the same? It is all just a long waiting game? Does anyone know what the process is moving forward?
Everthing in WC is a waiting game. NOTHING moves very fast. They denied because they don't want to pay you. Maybe somebody can give a better answer but thats the main reason. In my case they were paying all the bills under WC until my doctor said I need to try the SCS. All at once they said it was not a work injury and stopped paying any bills, and the company doctor even told he didn't know why. Why? Because they didn't want to pay any more money. They stopped paying the bills on July 01 2007 and I still have not gotten it switched back. Had a hearing in Nov 08 but no answer yet, so yes it is a waiting game. Sorry to hear you are having troubles and I wish you well. But hang in there.
They have to give you a reason for the denial. What did it say on the denial letter? Your attorney should know why the claim was denied, and should be able to tell you what's next.

Your employer may have been contacted by the Claims Adjuster and was told that your claim is "questionable" which would give the IC reason enough to deny it.
Let Go, and Let God......
Don't know too much about your state and having only glanced at some prior posts that said you never reported your prior injuries as WC, I can't say for certain, but depending on how yyour current injury occurred, if your back is just getting worse, they may deny on pre-existing. If you didn't report this one, they may deny based on "no injury in course and scope of employment"

Can you repost the specifics and maybe we can try to figure what is going on?

Sometimes its hard to follow all the posts that are here but not all facts are in one post.

Don't mean to be a pest, but a clear synopsis would help some of us. Rolleyes (At least it would help me)
whether you should change attys or not depends on what you are looking for. generally comp fees are much less then for other forms of atty services. In most states that makes it a volume business with an emphasis on quick settlements. If you want something different you should start talking to other attys before deciding.
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.

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