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attorney ??s
my job was oversaw by a panel of people who the head of was a lawyer,,,he was a kind man and done the adoption of the last 3 for what pepsi would pay.(pepsi helped familys with adoption fees when you worked for them) He was the head of our panel but not the head of the regionial office...When I got hurt he was told that none of the employees or members of the panel could speak to me while the case was on going..As he explained this to me he also slipped me a piece of paper and said call him hes the best in the state....these people are out to get you......that him was my lawyer,,,I didnt care for him in the beginning his first sentance was "what do you expect out of me"I told him I wanted him to make them fix me.....he said you relize this is a long haul and you will not get rich? and that most barely keep from losing their homes......He then said this is what I do you listen to me you will be ok....I will tell you everything they say or do and then I will give you the choices I said ok and we went from there..........When the first settlement offer after lawyer was more than what we decieded was our bottom we wanted to settle then he looked at me and said we can do better sit tight............a week later another offer again he told us its up to you but we can do better.........the 3rd offer he said this one is fair take it and we did .......he never steered me wrong.......But from what I see on here I hit one of the few good ones.....he returned my calls.....he called me after surgery he seemed to care......I would recomened him to anyone in Okla......course I got hurt before they put all these new laws in here
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......


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