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Carpal Tunnel/Repetitive Stress Syndrome in TN-Workers Comp Issue
SO can someone answer a question
for me regarding WC payments please??
My original date of Injury was Aug 2 2008 my 2nd Dr
released me on the 13th of March but I was given NO MMI
or Rating etc. I have received 2 WC checks and the 2nd 1
I wasn't expecting because Im not sure how all this works.
Does anyone know if I will continue to get WC payments??
Do they back to the original date of injury? Even though I
was released I am looking at surgery 2 months down the
road if the other 2 Cortisone shots don't help. I don't know
why I was released under those circumstances even
though I lost my job Feb 27th.
If anyone can help me understand the payment process
I would appreciate it.
Hey there,
Its been awhile since ive posted in here. I have an appt
for my 2nd Cortisone shot on the 15th for my Trigger Finger.
Ive been having some major problems from my elbow on the
same arm and the adjuster keeps telling me that unless that
was listed on the paperwork when my claim was filed that
they will NOT do anything about it. Does anyone have anyone
suggestions as to what I should about this??/ My Elbow is
killing me to the point that when I wake up now I can hardly
move it.

Also, I had been trying to reach my adjuster for a few weeks
to have her schedule me to get the 2nd Cortisone shot and
when I finally got her on the phone and told her what I needed,
she told me she didn't understand why the Ortho Hand Dr
released me if I still had to go back for more shots and then a
possible operation after the 3rd shot. I don't really care for
the Ortho hand Dr because of his attitude so im wondering about
maybe getting a different Dr if thats allowed.

Any help/suggestion would be appreciated.
Yes you can get a different ortho doctor. I did not like mine either. He had the worst bedside manners I have ever seen and I requested another one. I did get to go to one and he was no better. For some reason when doctors know you are on WC they can be very rude. I have no idea why they are like that.

When he saw I was not going to have surgery he did not have the time of day for me. Also when he saw the medications I was on he could not believe I was taking them and did not believe I needed them. Now this is from a doctor that seen me on one visit and did not even read my records and had no idea anything about my condition for 2 yrs.
carpal tunnel recurrence/ neuropathy / RSD.
1/29/07 injury date. Permanent. PIR settlement 8/4/08 10%

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