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regular dr or my injury dr
roadrunner10 Wrote:
bronco54501 Wrote:Hi every one, as to some of you's following my posts I have run into a little problem. I am on my 9th day back at work, I work 7 days a week no days off. Getting pains in lower back and in hip area with burning sensations down leg. The injury dr that released me to work says he feels I am at mmi. Should I go to my reg dr or back to the one that over seen my injury.

I dont want to be taken off work for I can still tolerate the pain. But if I dont tell them I could be hurting my self.

Just asking for a little advice from some of you's that have been through this. I am not taking any pain pills besides Ibuprofen, but would like oppinions on what works good but not narcotics because my job is driving and dont need another crash.

Thanks in advance.. Bronco

I was just wondering are you a truck driver?

No but I drive my own vehicles.
You should go back to the WC doctor. You can go to your regular doctor, but if its related to your WC injury, your private insurance most likely will not pay and then you will be responsible for the bill.

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