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Yesterday..what a day
Hi all... since it is so quiet around here I thought I would share with you our day yesterday. Yesterday was the big day in terms of finding out what the doctors were going to do about Del and his treatment plan. However, let me begin at the beginning.

We were traveling along, we passed through the Bridge as we always do on our route to Philadelphia, then entered 76 east towards the VAMC. The day and the travel was just a typical morning with horns blowing, moving in between and out of cars to get to our destination etc. We got off of all that nonsense and was on a small two lane road which is very busy but not exceptually so compared to what we just left. We came to a yeild to a 4 lane road, and it was bumper to bumper driving about 45 miles an hour. Del was waiting to get a chance to move out when suddenly the car behind him honk a couple of times. We are use to that so no big deal, however, suddenly the car behind us hit us hard in the back. I was really set back...it almost seems like it was on purpose. My back and the back of my head has hurt every since but I know it is most likely because my body doesn't like to be jarred due to the stiffness left from the MS. So the morning continues and we leave the accident scene when directed to do so, and went on towards the VAMC. When we got to the VAMC, and I was already late for my first appointment the parking garage was bumper to bumper. We went around a corner on the lower deck staying in line with all the other bumpers and suddenly this car moves ahead of all of us. He gets a place to park and the rest of us wait. When this man got out of his car, another man had already got out of his car and was standing out side his door waiting for him. Del says oh no..this is not good, suddenly, the fist goes up, and bam...the face turns in circles. Then it started for good. Security was called and it was taken care of. Unfortunately we didn't get a parking spot for about 45 minutes so I was an hour late for my appointment. The first appointment was mental health ...so my counselor saw me any way.

The next appointment was with my diet study program social worker. I had to weigh in, and it is the end of the weight loss part of the study...it has been 6 weeks since I started this diet. I lost a total of 39 lbs and feel very good about that...now its two months of the maintenance program...which I contracted to lose a lb a week for the next two months.. then it is over for good. it has been a blessing to me.

The next appointment was with Del's doctor in the surgery clinic... the plan was set for him to see urology first and then come back and set up a date for hernia surgery. THere were other treatment plans also, but they are just so so.

Then Del had an appointment with dermotology and that was a long wait. His appointment was at 3 pm and he didn't get in until 4:45 pm. We then hit the rush hour coming home and walked in to our door about 6:30 pm. We started at 8:30 am that morning.

While this is a typical day for people who work, I was exhausted to the max...so in I came...and the phone didn't stop ringing... then out of the blue, I got a call from my best friend since 3rd grade, but I have not seen since 1995. WE talked for 6 hours on the phone... we had so much to catch up on ....I believe it was a very strange and yet very exciting day.... Love Red
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now i know im staying out of that traffic!!!!
worry changes nothing prayer changes every thing
red - I hope you are okay!!! If you are still sore and hurting in a day or two get your butt to a doc and get checked out. You did have an exciting day but I'm so sorry about the wreck.

Love ya,
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I agree with Monster, if you are still sore tomorrow you should at least be checked out. You know if it was any one of us, you would be saying the same thing, to be checked out by a Dr.

I'm glad that after your long adventurous day that you were able to enjoy a long talk with an old friend.

Red sorry to hear of the reck, hope you are ok. If the pain continues please go get it checked.
May God send his angels to hold you in his arms
Red, I do hope you and Del are okay today.

The morning after my auto accident in Tulsa I had lots of aches, by afternoon I was having very bad muscle spasms.

I am told this is common with auto accidents.
Red..I 'm sorry this happened. Although you and Del are used to this the "City of Brotherly Love" Wink really wasn't very loving. I wish there was more patience on the road and in parking lots. Everyone isin such a hurry.

Did they schedule Del's surgery? I agree with the others , if you continue to feel like this, no harm in letting a Dr. check you out.

Feel better.

Gads girl now you know why I said no more Philly the driving thru the city scared me spitless then that bridge well ewwwwwwwwww....If you are sore today hit the ER and have Del watch also because he already has cervical issues...Glad you got to talk to your friend calls from friends are heart warming
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