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Wish Me Luck!
Thank you everyone for your comments.

I became active in the origanization after my husband & I adopted our oldest daughter. When she was 5 months the doctors gave us the news that she was disabled. At the time there were no support programs in our area of the state, and sfter visiting with other parents and professionals the non-profit origanization I chair was founded.

I have only been able to continue since my injury with what I do because of the strong board of directors, and the many that volunteer.

One program we have in place is our summer program. This past summer 4 teachers & 2 speech therapist provided 1 on 1 tutoring or speech therapy to 60 children with special needs. Services were provided at no cost to families.
Bummer this is fantasic that you are involved with this work, I know it takes alot of effort for you to do this with all that you have on your plate but know the lord will bless you for your work with these families in need.
May God send his angels to hold you in his arms
Bummer what a wonderful organization you have started and so many wonderful people to hepl you keep it going. 60 children getting one on one help is nothing to sneeze at. God bless.


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