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settlement offer
Bee, Wink and Cap,
thanks for all the information-you all are entirely correct-my feelings exactly regarding my attorney-I have never given them the appearance of settling for so little and have made it clear before-as far as the future medical- and have told them that I want a MSA as well.
I do not have an orthopaedist currently-as they told you Wink-at this point would be worse after surgery-treating MD is a physical medicine specialist-basically right now just meds and PT- have had other modalities that did not work-RF ablation, facet blocks, ESI's, etc-even tried the pump that emits the vibrations so that you do not perceive the pain(I personally coudn't stand the vibrations). He is basically treating me based on symptoms month to month-as far as writing the letters I asked for that-but if I am to be worse off after a surgery now-then I really don't want to take that chance at this point either. I have seen so many failed back surgeries that my paranoia levels are high regarding this. At this time drawing TTD have been since 05-Md has stated that it is okay to try part time position(had a sedentary nursing job before) but have restrictions-no lifting over 20 pounds, ne repetive bending, stretching, reaching, etc-but I have not been able to find a position-and that is without mentioning the comp issue-so that is where I am now-and that is a big part of the dilemma-am I able to work enough to get health insurance if ever get to a full time job or what. I do have another attorney looking over this for me for a different opinion-although have not fired my attorney yet. That will depend on what I find out from the new opinion. Wink you let the WC Commisioner decide your whole body rating? had you had hearings before with them? just wondering if that was why you decided as you did? It seems like it really worked out for you.

Thanks again for all the input

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