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2 ?'s in MA:IC asked if I want to settle...HUH?
Hello! First, thanks to everyone on here, great resource, I recommend it to everyone-even my IC Nurse! It was also a topic in my Human Resources class this semester!

Short history: Work in Massachusetts. Fell on ice in Feb broke my leg/dislocated ankle. Developed DVT and Peripherial Clots due to inactivity that Dr. Ortho failed to diagnosis until chronic issues developed. (He's a whole other issue! Just found out from Podiatrist that the pain I have been complaining about in my foot since April is from healing broken bones. Ortho said foot was fine!) Just had ankle hardware removed in Oct, going to PT, on minor pain meds and Warfarin for clot, and still have some problems with swelling and foot. But overall, doing okay. WIll have some permenant problems, and ankle will never be same but not determined or rated yet. Released to work light duty with hours worked/weight restrictions, those end Dec. 22. There is no work for me at my employer until mid-Jan, currently still being paid weekly but not sure for how long that will continue.

My questions: IC screwed up my mileage reimbursement check. In my conversation with Rep to get corrected, I mentioned money being extremely tight etc. She replied with an email asking if I am "interested in settling...how much did I have in mind" I have NO CLUE what that means, I asked for clarification and of course have not heard back! I am still undergoing treatment, who knows how long and what damage the DVT caused-that's not been determined yet. See Doc next week to go over that. Am going to PT until Jan. Still have limited range of motion, been told ankle will never be the same, and it looks like Frankenstein!

Is IC asking to settle because they know I need money and figure they can give me a little and I will go away? How can they settle something that is not finished/ongoing? I don't have health insurance so I need them to pay for all this crap I have to do/take/suffer through! (lol!) Or, is it because there is no work, and they just want to end my weekly pay? Can I just settle for the lost wages and leave medical open? I hope to be working somewhere doing something in the next few weeks once I have no restrictions, as my weekly $ is very small due to only just starting back to work after a break to care for my Mother. To get wages in a lump sum would be beneficial right now, but I don't want to make a mistake. And there is NO WAY I would settle yet on medical.

Tried to get info on MA but very vague, thought you all could offer advice/steer me in the right direction. Don't want to pay for an attorney if I can help it, this isn't big enough to share!

Also, while I am here, does MA pay for mileage to the pharmacy?

Thanks for your time, and appreciate any info!
Broken in CT from a fall in MA![/font]
I would NOT offer them a figure. I would wait until they do. I am afraid you are going to find that it may be a bargaining issue. And if so, I would want them to make the first move.

Just my thoughts. Take Care
8-05, Micro laminectomy/disectomy. 10-05 lumbar fusion L5-S1. 2-07 exploritory surgery. 12-07 medical implant, Spinal Cord Stimulator. now receiving SSDI. After going back to school, I received my degree as a mechanical engineer. What can I say, it was the only way I had to beat the system. 
IC's arent your friend and they will screw you over if given the chance. Your lawyer should be dealing with the IC.
7 Yr survivor of the NY State workers compensation system
Don't have an attorney for WC. Only for Personal Injury suit pertaining to the injury and she is working in tandem with IC on the case as they are after the company responsible as well. Not sure if I need an attorney yet, maybe just a consult?
I would consult with one at the very least...does your personal Injury lawyer do WC or have a partner that might?
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

My advice is do not settle ( I know things are tight) until you know exactly where you stand health wise. Exhaust all medical help prior to settling. You could be left with life long restrictions and medications and disabilities. By settling now, WC can get out of it cheaper, because they can play on your need for cash! Don't give in until you get every dime you are entitled to. A few calls to some WC lawyers asking some questions, will cost you nothing...but could save you a bundle.
You may even want to hire one to look out for your better judgement and IC hassles.
Good luck, and keep us updated , ok?

Prayers for you are going up! LillySmile
Injured worker, & tired of it all! I'm too old for games!!

A careless word may kindle strife, a cruel word may wreck a life, a timely word may level stress, and a loving word may heal and bless!
Hello fairycatz.

You can take all the advice that is given, but only you can choose your path. Are the DVT'S just in the one leg? I too ended up with DVT's in both legs and had none anywhere else. So they put a IVC filter inplace in case one would become dislodged. Also I would consult with a lawyer or a few lawyers and ask advice. Later down the road you may need more help with your injury, and without private IC it could be very expensive.

I wouldnt settle for what they offer without talking with a lawyer in your case. Just my opinion.

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