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lumbar fusion surgery
Since my last post, I am looking at surgery. L3, L4, and possible L5/S1 fusion with instrumentation. Advice on prognosis and rehab? My neurosurgeon estimates 80% success rate assumming fusion takes hold. Also, what would the new impairment rating be? Injury in 2008 in TN.
Good luck with your surgery. As far as impairment, no one is going to be able to tell you what your impairment rating is going to be, until you've had surgery and begin to recover will you even know anything about limitations, nerve damage etc..
Its a case by case situation, and besides, it will probably be atleast a year post-op before they even consider applying a rating to your injury,,again good luck..
i have fusion from S-1-L4 and im here to tell you its a long road.as long as fusion takes place early you will heal faster.know one can tell you what your prognosis will be fusion can be a hit or miss surgery and everyone reacts differently.you might be fine after words or you could be like me and things later on started to cause me trouble.scar tissue wrapped my s-1 nerve and now im going down hill fast,i lost all my reflexes in both knees and my achillie,im losing my leg muscles fast.so anything is possible all you can do it wish for the best.
Each day is not a rite,it's a given.

only doctor who is familiar with the rating guidelines can determine how well you've recovered and what kind of impairment will be permanent.
to try and give a rating before you've even had the surgery is ludicrous.
there is no way of predicting what will happen during the operation or what your condition will be afterwards.
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.
My husband had the L-5 fusion and instrumentation surgery in July of this year and is far from healing even now. He is walking on his own, and some days seems like he is going to be ok. And then the next day walking like his back has gone out. Alot of leg/hip pain. Alot of random shooting pains. Good luck, but dont take the surgery lightly.
Always believe in yourself. No matter how much some people will make you doubt yourself.
is the l5/s1 fusion is it outpatient surgery? mine is right around the corner..
3 day hospital stay is the norm.
im having my fusion may the 6th and my expected stay is 3 days
Hello! this is my first time in the forum and i would like to say "Thank You" to all the people who care out there. I have had a L4 L5 Fusion with back instrumentation in June of 2007. Adding to that I have had Carpel Tunnel surgery in My left hand as well. Fusion surgery helped me walk but was not the answer for me . I continue to have back pain and nerve pain in both legs radiating to both feet. Walking after surgery was the best thing for me. It may not be the answer for everyone. Workers comp is the worst experience i have ever had and still struggle with today. Good luck to all the people out there fighting for their rights! Its a uphill battle but never give up! God Bless you all!
My Situation is Severe, and My Spine is Deteriorating, and My PM Dr. and I had a Discussion about Lumbar Fusion Recently. In My Case, the Fusion will not Relieve My Pain, and could Actually Cause More, My Prognosis is 50/50 at Best for the Hardware to Fuse, if the Scar Tissue I Produce doesn't Hinder it First. My Surgery would only be to Help Stabilize My Spine, but it was Made Very Clear to Me that it is not going to Help My Pain. I chose not to Have the Surgery, too Risky in My Situation, but I Hope it Works Well for You! My Very Best to You on a Quick and Complete Recovery!!Wink

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