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Question re. i/c paying for Dr. to do rating.
I was wondering if any of you have had a difficult time getting your i/c to pay for your Dr. to rate your injury. My NCM (who is actually one of the good ones) was mentioning that often the i/c will hem and haw, around paying for the Dr. to do the patients ratings. At this point, I have been found to be at MMI with my PM Dr. and have an appt. to see my original surgeon. He told us that he would be happy to rate my legs, when the time came, and it is now time. My NCM said that if the day comes for my appt. w/ the surgeon, and I don't have the i/c's approval for a rating, all the Dr. will be able to do, is put me at MMI. My PM Dr. has noted that I have tried everything there is to try and I will be left with chronic pain in lumbar area, sciatica in both legs, muscle loss and weakness in both legs, failed back and lami. fusion, high risk for falling, and heart arithmyas that the cardiologist has confirmed is due to either my scs implant or my constant pain (my heart rate has been measured by the Cardio. to get to 185-200 beats per minute. Once I sit and rest and let it pass by for 15 mins. they start right up again when I stand and start to move again.)

I would like to hear othrs who either have had this problem of not being able to get the i/c to approve payment for a rating as well as from those who were not rated and just put at MMI with restrictions. I was wondering if the i/c refuses to pay for it, would there be any reason I could not pay for it myself? Would either the Dr. or the i/c care one way or the other where the money came from. My only thought was if they do not pay for it and I choose to pay it myself, will the judge take that report as evidence (or will they only accept what the i/c pays for).

Thanks for any input.
in most states either party can obtain medical evidence at their own expense at any time. This is the law that allows attys to get an opinion from doctors they know. It doesn't just apply to attys but those who are unrepresented as well. I don't know what state laws control your claim but I would suspect they have similar one.

P.S. most comp courts will order reimbursement of such costs.
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.
Thanks, this is good to know.
My Atty ended out paying for my MMI to move things along. The Atty was paid back by the insurance company after the DR released his report.
Always believe in yourself. No matter how much some people will make you doubt yourself.
Really...that is nice to hear. I am guessing that this stall tactic may be practiced more often than not, with w/c. Thank you for your post.

I was wondering, when you went for you last appnt. with your Dr. and put at MMI, is that the same time that the Dr. would ordinarily rate your disability?
I paid for my own rating from a doctor that actually specializes in the field of occupational medicine.
I was released and the MMI on 2 different appts.
Always believe in yourself. No matter how much some people will make you doubt yourself.
Thanks Stiffnecked and Mistreated. I appreciate your input.
Stiff-do you remember aprox. how much it cost to have your rating done? I know every Dr. and state will vary, but I was just curious.
My Occ Med. doctor also said that he has put me at MMI and that he would be glad to do my rating. Left it at that. I said goodbye to my NCM as she had no need to follow me to my appointments anymore because I got a new full time job within my restrictions.

I found out afterwards that I could have my PIR rating done when it is close to a year. I do not know if that is a state law here in NH or if it happens everywhere. I was between 10 -12 months after my injury at permanent impairment. I called the Occ. Med. doctor to make an appointment and was told I needed to call the adjuster ( IC ) and have them fill out a form. I cannot remember the name of the form , but they then faxed it to the doctor. Then I could make the appointment. I did not have to pay for it. The WC IC did. This doctor gave me a 32% rating to which the IC did not like and sent me to their own doctor who turned around and gave me a 10% instead and had my medication payments all stopped.
carpal tunnel recurrence/ neuropathy / RSD.
1/29/07 injury date. Permanent. PIR settlement 8/4/08 10%
It is the same here, that you need to have that paper work sent from the i/c to your Dr. that will be doing the rating. The i/c is the one who is required to pay for it, but it seems like this i/c has a history of dragging things out as long as possible. My lawyer has requested that the paperwork be done before my next Drs. visit...we'll see what happens.

Thanks for your input.

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