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Pre-Settlement loans
I was thinking of asking my attorney tomorrow!


annoyedtodeath Wrote:Have you asked your attorney for an advancement on your settlement?

I don't know how much interest he/she would charge, if any, but its got to be better than any loan place.

I have heard of attorneys doing this for their clients when they are desperate.

Hope this helps,  Good luck

Good luck, and please let me know how it goes as I am there myself,

Good to see you back,

The good news is,"You can get used to anything."
The bad news is,"You can get used to anything."
Joe......My husband took out three small loans from a Co. that was recommended by his attorney. His attorney did all the paperwork. They were taken out over a period of 3 years. When he rec'd his back pay all was paid back. $$$$$$$ He borrowed $5000,$5000, $10,000. What he paid back was roughly $32,000. It didn't even take half of his back pay combined with attorney fees. The additional monies paid back were mainly from the first loan that was 3 years old when paid back. Papers were worded "If paid back by this date, this is what's owed." I don't recommend this to anyone unless they are sure and have no where else to turn.

Thank you all for your feedback. Mission accomplished!!
Was your attorney able to help you?
Hi everyone, need some advice/help. My ppd ratings have just been sent to wc insurance from my dr. Bilateral carpal tunnel surgery. I would like to know if anyone has written to wi for a partial advancement of their settlement money? And if so what is considered a financial hardship? I was laid off since dec 2014, and had to use all of my savings, about 6k to pay my bills,rent etc. I should be starting a new job within a month, but I am in need of some of my settlement to get back on my feet. My car is also in need or repairs and i have one dependant child. If anyone has any info on how to go about writing for this please let me know. I know that I still have to wait to see if wc is going to agree with the ratings and to see if they will send me to another ime, but I want advice for this anyway. Thank you.
(07-13-2015, 09:02 PM)needing advice Wrote: this is a very very old thread and if you don't want to reply to the original poster you should just start a new one of your own.
some states require carriers to begin advance payment of permanent disability whether there is a hardship situation or not.
what state laws is your claim under?
you may have other benefits available. did you collect mileage for all your medical appointments and meds?
not every state pays but yours might.
what state laws is your claim under?
did you have any out of pocket medical expenses? you are entitled to reimbursement for them.
did you get the maximum TTD rate? if not, did you check that they used the proper earnings amount when calculating your rate and period?

the rates are different for each state; what is yours?

you can post a new thread here:
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.
Oh sorry, I didn't know I could start my own thread. Kinda new to this. Wc has paid for everything mileage, surgery, pt, paid time while I recovered. I live in wi. I do not have an attorney, but I have spoken with a few. I know I should receive about 18 to 20k for my ppd ratings. I just need to know what financial hardships are accepted in the event I can write for an advancement.
In wisconsin
How do I start a new thread?

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