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Stuck between a rock and a hard place
Unfortunately England and much the National medical systems that provide for a more universal types of coverage are mostly in collapse. England's is especially battered and there is talk of a complete overhaul. For instance many perfectly good livers are disposed of rather than used in for those dying of liver failure because of the restrictions on payment. Canada's Drs. are barred from practicing in the USA for the most part or they would mostly have moved decades ago. THe taxes on the populace in the Baltic countries to pay for health and education have strangled their economies and would be shock to a nation of consumers like in the US.
[ France's is doing the best btw...]

THe USA already has a very large single payor system in place. It's called the VA. 'Nuff said....

so to Bagpuss..:
A re-herniation is a known complication. In most states you would not be placed back on temporary disability status until there was a formal plan in palce to deal with the complication. In other words some complications may never be bealt with, say you refused a second surgery, nothing would be expected to change in the future so you would in fact have reached maximum medical improvement. Or a complication such as scar tissue formation causing nerve entrapment at the surgery level can not be treated ( a myth actually but one surgeons do not want to get involved with for the most part ) and so your condition would not be expected to change, your MMI status would continue.

It IS never a bad idea to obtain a second opinion at a University Spine center, and you have one, sort of.., in Missoula at St Patricks, but it seems to me your surgeon knows he needs to operate again so perhaps you can convince him to request it and move forward ASAP.
My surgeon is St. Pats. He is just worried about going in with that nerve opening up, the cysts all around the area, etc. I don't know.

There has always been talk of overhauling the health care system in the UK. I trained over that 25 years ago and they were saying then that it needed overhauling. Mostly it has to do with the top dogs who run the hospitals. They earn way too much money for doing so little. And when the health service pretty much merged with the social service, it mades things go belly up. But on the whole, the people there are well taken care of. They can still see their own g.p. for preventative care, meds, etc. I never had to wait. My own doctor would come to the house when my daughter was born with complications. And yes, France is a really good system. I've been there as well. Maybe I should join Obamas team.

Well, if I am considered MMI at this point, I am far below what I was several weeks ago. And several weeks ago I was rated at being fine to find a job. Now I can't. So there are a few differences. I think the second opinions would come from collegues of my surgeon. He is noted to be the best in his field as it is.

So as far aas I understand it, I am still MMI until a care plan is put into place, right? Does the TPI go back into place once the surgery happens, or when the care plan is presented?
" So as far aas I understand it, I am still MMI until a care plan is put into place, right? Does the TPI go back into place once the surgery happens, or when the care plan is presented? "

Generally once the new plan has been accepted but it varies.
Well, that clarifies things somewhat.
If you are collecting on an Award, that might continue, while they will still pay your Medical.

As for being harsh, sorry, but you too, know, the things said were true. I my self, don't understand, how if the pain is so great, your mind can't properly fuction. And if on strong medications, then the mind can hardly fuction. Being said, then how can you fuction? Where as it is said then, the only possible hope is surgery. You can't blame HeathCare for a Work Comp Case. It has nothing to do with it. They are different. If you refuse surgery again, I'm sorry to say, your MMI status will remain the same then. And trying for future surgeries may then become a even harder task to then obtain. Meaning your giving the IC a reason to refuse surgery for you in the future, is highly possible. When you make this decission this time, it will be one that your making for you life and future treatment. They're letting you toss the ball. And if it lands in their court, you gave them the upper hand to your future treatment. You now only have 1 of 2 ways to go. One for the good, or one for the bad. It's up to you, to make this call one last time. There may never, ever be another time.

If you choose not to have surgery, the story is ended.

If you choose to have surgery, then a New Chapter starts.

It seems, that's all you have left right now. I know you don't want to read this, but it's only the truth. The IC isn't going to give you another chance at the surgery.
Just a side note;

I don't come to this board to re-read what I write others.

Sometimes coming on hard and harsh to get a person to see where they stand in their own Work Comp Case is very hard for me to do also. Sitting here writing that I'm sorry for you, will not help the situation your now in. Your in a very tough spot now, right now. Your judgement call at this point, will determine your future of the injury you have. I am the only one so far that has been pushing this issue you for. Why, because I'm scared for you too, just like you maybe scared to have surgery. But, I'm more scared about your future medical care. In the story the Boy who kept calling wolf, had 3 chances, here your only given 2 chances. The wolf ate the boy, when no one came to help when the wolf really came, meaning he was out of chances. I just am trying to help you see this, and not avoid what might be, your final chance to future medical care is all.

I'm not shoveling it don't your throat, but I am pumping into your brain as hard as I can now. Like it or not, it's a must do right now. Right Now...

It is also only my Opinion, that if you had an Attorney, you then would have been well versed on what I'm trying to tell you now... RIGHT NOW...
IMO.....you cannot live like you are now, right?
If you do nothing...how you are now, WILL be your future. You are definitely going to need further medical . You are only at MMI technically on paper...not physically in reality.
I know you are scared about making the correct decision....and scared of the surgery itself...but I agree w/ BBBB, you have to try to improve, to at least recieve future medical assistance.
get your dr's. colleague's opinions..one big meeting w/ all involved.
I pray for you and your daughter to be strong! Lilly
Injured worker, & tired of it all! I'm too old for games!!

A careless word may kindle strife, a cruel word may wreck a life, a timely word may level stress, and a loving word may heal and bless!
I'll risk being not liked, to only stress and get the point across to help her continue future medical care.

I know when I was in severe pain, I about begged for surgery, in the hopes of some relief. Just some relief, meaning lower the pain level to a point I can deal with it. If I would be Loopy or Soupy for awhile after the surgery, then it was to be with me. I have a balance problem, I have had to deal with ever since my first Cervical Spine injury. It hasn't gone away. When there is no CURE for a Herniated Disc, the only option is a Fusion. Or a Artifical Disc Replacement. There is also a surgery out there that installs things to raise the two vertebre's and also act as shock asorbers. I will post that one below. But, again, the only cure is a surgery.

If I am correct, there was a person here at this Board that had this surgery done. I don't remember who it was to find out how they have been with it over the past years now.


It's my Opinion, when a Surgeon goes in, removes part of a Disc that is Herniated, that if these Stabilizers were used then, future surgery may never come into play for many years to never again. I don't understand why it's not used.
Reply's are intended solely for informational purposes. They are based on personal opinions, experience, or research and are "not to be taken as fact or legal advice", otherwise, always consult an attorney or a doctor.
Thank you everyone, for the input. Just to set the record straight, I have never refused surgery. From the very beginning I just went along with what my surgeon suggested would be for the best. I felt good with his advice, though I have managed to get somewhat confused over certain things. I had so many people tell me never to go for a fusion. This was from people who have never been injured...just their personal opinion. And I have never had any interactions with someone with a fusion, so just went along with that general opinion. If I remember correctly, my surgeon mentioned fusion way back in the beginning of treatments as a possible if everything else failed.

I am not going to refuse any surgery this time either. What I am trying to figure out is whether I should re introduce a fusion as a possible option since this is already my second re herniation and I really don't want to go through 3rd surgery. This next surgery will be the second one. I just get a bad feeling that if I end up with a third all hell will break loose. Maybe it is just depression talking. Maybe not. Right now I am waiting for a call back from the surgeon, contacted his office today, to arrange an appointment to discuss everything again. I just want to be well informed when I make the final decision.

My pain is bad. And now, for the most part, I just stay home by myself and do nothing at all. Even going out is something I don't even want to do anymore. It sometimes seems an effort to just get up. And I seem to cry at just about anything these days. The whole idea of another year of holding on before I can go back to work seems so unreal.

I have heard of the other options you mention BadBoy. My surgeon talked about those once as well. Unfortunately I got the impression that some of these procedures are considered experimental or otherwise way too expensive and that w/c would deny those types of treatments. I have read about a guy who was a firefighter who had those implants and they were really well. And he wasn't a spring chicken either, he just wanted to get another 10 - 12 years of work out of himself so that he would be in a safer position to retire.

Having said all of that, I believe that I am going to try to go for a fusion. If it fails, it won't be any worse than having a re-herniation.

Bye the way. I just got a letter from w/c today and they have gone ahead and reversed my settlement payments apart from the first one, back to Temporary Total. So that is good news.

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