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another bump in the road
Well now, we hit another bump in the road. We had the sit down with the lawyer today.
She told us about the doctor’s testimony. This is our doctor he completely changed what he has been saying and what he has in all of his medical reports.

Not just this but the last time he seen my wife was about 2 years ago after her last surgery. She has been going for appointments every 3 months, but she would see his nurse practitioner. He saying that the wife has no problems with her knee she has full range of motion and at full recovery. This is even completely different then what their doctors have said. She went for a second opinion (and also a 3rd) and all the other doctors are saying the same thing. Now this one is the complete opposite, and our lawyer is telling us there is nothing she can do.

Now also he said that he feels the case should be apportioned, because when she was a kid 30 years ago, she fell off her bike and sustained a knee injury. Because of that, he feels that 60% of her injury was because of that. This was brought up months ago in court the reason of that day in court was apportionment. The judge turned that down because he said she never had any WC case before and it was irrelevant. However, now our lawyer says it will be back and her injury will be apportioned.

It feels as if our lawyer isn’t doing all that she should be. It feels like we are being screwed from both sides.

Should we get a new lawyer?
Or are we just screwed?
you can check with another lawyer but sounds to me like your lawyer is trying to get you to settle...see that other lawyer just in case a interview shouldnt cost you anything....
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

I agree with Jayne. It can't hurt to talk to another lawyer. And, yes, as an adjuster I saw injured worker attorneys who would do anything to get their client to settle. Sometimes, the fees they get aren't worth the amount of time and costs that they have to put in to fight so they want to settle asap.

There are many attorneys who will really fight for their clients so at least speak to someone else. If they agree with your attorney then OK, but at least give it a shot.

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