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Hi I hope someone can help me with a few questions. I fell at work july 23 08 was taken to the hosptal by my bosses dad who just happened to be working with me that day. I hang commercial wallpaper and paint. And work alone most of the time.At the hospital they gave me pain meds and musle relaxers and told me to follow up with my family dr. My boss took me the next day to his chiorpractor he x-rayed and said my pelvis was tilted very bad and procceded to pop my back I thought he had broke every bone in my back and I never went back to him.
I went to my Dr. who ordered a MRI and physical therapy. The MRI showed 2 bulging disk. So I was then sent to a orthopedic dr. He said the 2 disk were'nt affecting any nerves and set me up for 3 spinal epidurals. I have had 2 the first 3 or 4 days after it was terrible and then I got a few days relief. I have another scheduled for thursday. My w/c worker keeps saying we have to get you back to work which believe me there is nothing I would like any better I'm sick of these same walls. But there is no way I could climb or stand on a ladder or climb scaffolding or bend over to do my job the pain is mostly in my lower back buttocks and the bottom of my foot. The dr. ask if there was any light duty well there is 8 people works at the shop and everyone is very experienced and works alone alot of the time. But I called to ask my boss about any light duty work he want call me back or answer the phone when he sees my #. I live in North Carolina and state law says they have to give me my job back if I understand it right. So what happens if I'm not able to do my job agin or what if they want let me come back. My nerves are shot I'm 46 yrs old and don't no how to do anything except hang wallpaper and paint. I couldn't make it on minium wage and that is probably all I will be able to make if I can't go back to what I no how to do. Thanks for your time and if you can offer any suggestions they will be greatly appreiceited
North Carolina refers those who have permanent disability and can't return to their former occupation to the division of vocational rehabilitation
for information on North Carolina workers comp

rehabilitation infor
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.
The Very First Concern is to get Your back Cared For! Speak to Your Dr. with Your Concerns, and they will Guide You in the Right Direction. If You feel the Dr. doesn't have Your Best Interest at Heart, Ask for a Second Opinion. Are You Receiving w/c Payments while You are Out of Work? I Hope this has Helped, I am 46 and Totally Disabled, so I know how it feels to Stare at the Same Walls, and I Wish nothing More than My Back be Fixed, but after 9 Surgeons, My PCP and PM Dr., I have come to the Decision that I am not going to get My Wish! Make Sure that Back is as good as it can Get before You Return to Work, and if You are given Restrictions by the Dr., follow them to a "T"!! My Very Best to You, and I Hope All turns Out Well!!Wink
Thank you for the info. I will check out voc rehab. Right now I'm receiving a weekly check from w/c and thank god for that it was a big cut in pay but I'm stll managing to survive but once the dr. releases me how will I manage until I learn and find something else that I can make enough to live on. I called my boss today and ask about light duty and he said there wasn't any light duty, and with the economy work was really slow and he didn't think they would have anything for me to do. i loved my job and was making pretty good money this accident has really caused alot of problems and I don't think I've got any tears left. i'm sorry for whinning I know there is alot of people alot worse off than me I'm just so very depressed. And you are right limbo the first and main concern is my back it's just so easy to let everything be overwhelming. Agin thank you both for taking your time to help me.

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