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Impartial physician
Hi everyone, I have a few questions. I been on TDI for 8 months with a shoulder injury. I recently had a Impartial Physician exam and I got the report back and it was so negative. The man did not really even check me and said I was alright and I didn't need any surgery in the future. This was even worse then a IME. The judge ordered this impartial physician. Workers comp is trying to stop my TDI and future surgery and I have to go to court next week to see if they will. The judge I know uses the impartial physician report as evidence.

So will I lose my benefits? My doctor does not want me to work and thinks I should have the surgery. I had alot of physical therapy and nothing helped.

Could I request another impartial physician? By the way I do have a lawyer and she is on vacation. I was offered a settlement a couple of weeks back. Had other opinions with doctors who are on the same page as my doctor. So if anyone has ever went through this with a Impartial could help, I would appreciate it.
Hi Bigl, Were you in court when the judge requested the doctor? Was your lawyer there? Does your lawyer have anyone backing her up when she is gone
that you can talk too. The insurance co would have sent this doctor reports etc for him to go over before seeing you. Of course the insurance co will send the info they want that will show that you don't need the surgery etc. Did your lawyer send documents to this doctor before she left that supports your case.
The doctor should have also given you an exam in order to find out what your
needs are and whether you might need surgery. Most of the time when the judge orders a doctor to exam you than the report is sent directly to him. Have you seen a copy of this report. Will your attorney be back before this hearing?
If not and she has no backup you are probably in trouble. I would recommend that you find out if your lawyer is going to be back before this hearing, if she has a backup person to help you that you can talk to and try to get the hearing delayed if she isn't going to be back. Yes if the judge rules against you than the IC will stop all momies to you. They might even offer a settlement and the judge might approve it and you would be out any future medical and future Disability.
Try to find out as much as you can and if your lawyer is going to be back than tell her that the doctor DID NOT EXAM YOU. Where are you from?
Good luck -- Bee
you should be prepared for a decison that's against you.
I don't think one impartial physician trumps another; the judge will just choose which one is the best evidence.
If there were major errors in the report put them in writing and get them to your atty.
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.
1171's right on the money with this one, I agree totally. And Beecatcher, I'm not sure of all the States, but a settlement can't be approved without the injured workers signature. I'm in Pa., and that's the Law here.Wink

BigL- I wish and hope the Very Best at your Hearing, and if by some chance it goes in your favor, my opinion only, don't settle until your Medical treatment is complete. You have to remember that there may be Future medical Problems you may need to address, and if you settle you have a chance of losing Future Medical. Best of Luck at your Hearing!!Wink

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