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Snowmobile party for Sweet.
Smile TongueCool Sweet tell Skeeter my door is always open, Come on up ,
Or anyone else thats wants to join in the fun...........

watch out if you get a big snow LOLLOL
worry changes nothing prayer changes every thing
Tuffy you can keep the snow up your way. I don't like to drive in it or deal with it. I don't mind looking at it for about two days then as far as I am concerned it can go away for another year.
May God send his angels to hold you in his arms
Snowmobiling sounds like great fun! Keep it there thoguht Tuffy. We have had enough rain that if was snow we wouldn't be able to get our doors open to get out. Already and it's only October. Maybe a beautiful white christmas Smile


p.s. of course with the baily's and rum balls Cool
hey it got cold down here last night it aint supposed to do that until at least jan.
worry changes nothing prayer changes every thing
It is only 37 degrees here now and it's not even noon. May have to break out the Baileys or ETC to keep warm LOL A White Christmas would be nice. and then I am like Tinker , it can melt and go away till next year.........Sorry Sweet.

Maybe we will have a White Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!!!!
cant ya see me on a snowmobile?this is my party so im staying close to the fire and sticking me some marshmillows and a hotdog can someone bring a big pot of chili?
( mild please )put another log on the fire
worry changes nothing prayer changes every thing
Ok Sweet , How about a chili dump???? they are always so good and fun. And lets keep that fire burning large. Throw on 3 or 4 logs.........
dont laugh at me BUT what is a chili dump ?is it like the stone soup?
worry changes nothing prayer changes every thing
Sweet, No honey, it is something we Midwesteners do when camping. Every family makes a pot of chili the way they do at home, Then it is all DUMPED into one big pot and stired,,,,,,,, The best chili I have ever had. But please don't ask me what a watermelon roast is ROFLMAO Something we enjoy while camping, but can not post it here. LOL

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