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weather "post your weather if you want"
its cooler than it should be big frost last nite -closer i get to being 60 the more this weather hurts
worry changes nothing prayer changes every thing
sweet would have though we had a heat wave at 60. we got to 48 today. It was in the 20 again last night and is already in the 30's tonight. Burr it is to soon to be this cold.
May God send his angels to hold you in his arms
Vickie, I don't know where in Cal you are going but they are predicting rain for Northern Cal starting friday through tuesday. just thought I would let you know. Be careful & Be safe!
Babebahn..."Tongues don't have erasers"
Injured 1999 3 level anterior cervical fusion 2001
Settled Work Comp Case 2006 w/ Lifetime Medical Currently, C7-T1 is being watched will possibly need surgery front/back fusion from C3-T2, lower back needs another facet injection.
It's been a high pain night so no sleep, been having problems with my back.
It's 3:00 am here in Kansas, weatherbug reports the temp is 47 this morning.
bummer i feel for ya im in the same boat cant sleep anymore . its in the high 30 here heater is kicking on weird for down here
worry changes nothing prayer changes every thing
Sweets, I do hope you can get some rest.

I did sleep about 5:30 and up at 7:30, hubby got the kids off to school.
I will take what sleep I can get.

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