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Favorite TV Show and Why
Oh my...I have several so I guess I wll be posting alot.Wink

Without a Trace. Love it for the skill involved in finding a person who has gone missing. Love the reunion when a loved one is found and I feel the sadness when they are not. It's part of life I guess that I like.

My next to favorite show is NCIS. Strange as it is, my two female Pugs are named Abbey and Ziva. Two of the women stars from the show. Has some CSI tatics, and a plot of soving the crime. I like the mystery of it, and also the fun they show they can have performing their work. Plus, how it shows good team work, and how they almost seem to think much alike from working with each other so much.
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I know this is an Old Show, but I Love Gunsmoke!! It's I believe the Longest Running Show in Syndication, I Love watching How the Old West was at One Time, and How People Worked so Hard to Survive!!

There are a Lot of Very Good Values to be Learned on the Older Shows, and I would Love to See More New Westerns being Made! I just Saw an Ad for a New Western Made for T.V. coming On Soon Named "Mail Order Bride", and it looks like it is going to be Good!

I Love History of the Old West, and Hope to Travel to Some of the Old Ghost Towns in the West Some Day, and See them First Hand!!Smile
ok BB Ditto on your post for me but since I do have alot of favorites next would be
NUMB3RS, It really amazes me how their crimes are figured out with such a heavy reliance on math it just totally blows me away, sometimes I sit there going Dang
I wish I could do that. I love the way the brothers work together and also the team.
When its over I dont know ,looking forward to the next one. Its a great escape.
OK got to say NCIS,
That team works together so well, Abbey & Zeba rock. In my dreams I would love to be zeba, but I'm more suited to try Abbey's job, boy is she smart. (What kind of degrees you think she had to get for that job?) Here again, it takes me away
from the present,which is a big plus even if only mentally.
That's all I can say for now. Jazzi
Hey Bad Boy what do you do for aliving or should I say did do ?
I have so many too. I would say the most recent one is " HOUSE ".
But DR HOUSE is such a jerk and uses his cane wrong. But I love the way they cure patients. And I like the way he acts to his partners and his boss CUTTY. It's good to laugh once in awhile helps pass the time.
I would have to say my fovorite is ghost hunters on sci fi. It realy makes me wonder whats out there. I'd realy like to se more shows out there that investigate beyond human perception, things humans havent been able to understand because its outside what people percieive as normal.
My second favorite is also NCIS. Gibbs is awsome in the way he treats every one. But my favorites are Tony and Ziva then follow Abbey - Mcgee. Wow to be that smart I think Tony and Ziva should just do it it get it over with. I find shows like this very interesting.
I love all of the CSI shows I would love to do that for a living. I also love Monk and how he figures out things. My oldy but goody is The Munsters. I love how it is in black and white and Herman is always getting into trouble.......

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