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mileage form
I kept sending in mine and they kept saying they never got it. They said to fax it so i did 2 times, said they could not read it. So I fixed their butt sent it registered mail so they had to sign for it. This took place from jan thru july and every excuse you could imagine until I told them I was turning them in. Had my check 1 1/2 weeks later, The games they play! WI
lfoster21 Wrote:Kate, do you know if the 30 days to get it back, is specific to GA or is that everywhere? I know I have gotten mine back in a reasonable time, in the past, but can't remember exactly how long it took. I sent a request in about 4 weeks ago and they told me that it is now in the processing dept. So, I am hoping that the 30 day rule is true in VA, as well as for GA.


My post was specific to GA however I know that the 30 days applies in some other states. I'm not sure about VA. I've done a little searching but haven't found anything yet. I'll see what I can come up with.

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