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Interesting read: when the tests are wrong.
How many people are told the tests didn't show anything so you must be ok when you know you are not ? I came across an article of some interest. The implications of this article are enormous not just to evaluating and treating patients but in the legal disposition of their cases. Another nail in the coffin of "Open MRI " ? I know my neighbor went to a University surgeon for his back pain with a locally done MRI film and said the surgeon tossed the films into the trash can in his office !!!


Can a patient then reasonably question the sensitivity of their MRI when it's being used against them in a claim in order to obtain a new study at a reputable center ? I can pull research articles to support such a motion if anyone wants them.
It took Me 4 Weeks of PT Just to get Me able to Lay in a "Closed MRI", and the Dr.'s I were Seeing kept Asking Me why I was Asking for so Much Pain Medication, I only have a Small Herniation, and there is no Way I should need Stronger Meds. I was Injured in Oct. '04, and Surgery was Early Jan.'05. At My 2 Week Check-up after a Microdiscectomy/Laminectomy the Very First thing My Surgeon said to Me was "I'm Sorry!" He went on to tell Me that when He went in for the Actual Surgery, He found that My Herniation was Much Worse than the MRI had shown, and it was so Bed, that My S1 Nerve Root was Actually Crushed! The NCM I had at the Time said She has been at this Work a Long Time, and Never Heard a Dr. Say a Nerve Root was Actually Crushed. The MRI did not show the Severity of my Herniation and it was Closed, so I can only Imagine what an Open MRI can Miss.Wink

So at least in My Situation I went without the Medications I should have had Based on an MRI that was Incorrect and did not show the Actual Severity of My Injury. At One Point I actually had to Crawl on all fours to get around, and One of the Dr.'s I saw Initially I Over Heard Him telling His Nurse that He had Another Drug Seeker in the Exam Room, and how Tired He was Dealing with such Liars. That was My Last Appt with Him!!Wink
I found that article very intereseting. and It is a new one just written 10/14/08
Cervical Fusion 2003, c5-c6. Herniated and damaged Disc L1- L4-L5 S1. Lumbar Spinal Cord stimulator implant 09-2008. Cervical ACDF revision with hardware c4-c5-c6-c7 Sept 2009.
re" "the MRI did not show the Severity of my Herniation and it was Closed, so I can only Imagine what an Open MRI can Miss."

It may be good to know that the MRI typically making an image every 5mm and the typical lumbar disc height is 8mm to 14 mm depending on which level. So, even in the best of machines there is plenty of information missed. Ct/Mylogram remains the gold standard for imaging but not used much becasue of it's downside.
I love that article !!!!!!!!!
It is good to know I wasn't the only one this has hapend to.
when I first went to my company dr he suspected a torn rotator cuff. I then had an MRI that showed minor tendonitus only.
However shoulder continued to hurt after fixing ulnar nerve impingement at elbow, My second opinion dr examined me and instantly felt I needed a second MRI of shoulder. Low and behold I have a torn rotator cuff just found a year later. I'm learning to trust my body and what I feel as not being normal.

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