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How many ppl have this problem ? can you get up at say 7 am try to read and within 2 hours cant keep eyes open .. Need sleep , take a couple hours nap . be fine till 10pm area and can still sleep through the night ?
Is that depression or fatigue ? or both

I get home from work and need a nap till aound 7ish and still tired at 10 and I do this all the time ??

Lots of questions for the np (origional w/c by employers ) that im paying to see now ... Im going to sit down and explain everything that been going on from day 1 .. is that a smart move or not ?

I cant make up decisions on my own and i do understand that is depression or panic attacks talking lol

Tweety ... if I got up at 7:00 and started to read I would be out cold within the hour. I have to get up and get moving or else it's back to laying down I go. Not necessarily to sleep but have no energy. I have been taking a 2 hour nap everyday for the past week and still asleep before 10:00 at night. In my case i believe it's my fibromyalgia acting up since the surgery. Could be depression/fatigue. Are you depressed? I'm not that 's how I know it's just being plain old tired in my case. Ifwhen I AM depressed I can't sleep at all. That's just my story. Others will be along to thelp.

Tweety, anyone with Chronic Pain, or any lingering pain is going to have fatigue. It comes with the condition. First your body is constantly fighting the pain, and the Meds. we take can also cause drowsiness. Couple all of that with Depression which also causes fatigue, and you have total exhaustion! It takes every bit of energy in my 245lb. body just to try and make it through a half of a day anymore. I can only drive for around an hour total a day, can only stand for about ten to fifteen minutes at a time, and setting causes too much pain after about fifteen minutes I have to stand to alleviate that. So goes the viscous cycle everyday that I have to bear, and I know I'm not the only one with this problem out there, it's all a part of Chronic Pain. You may want to see your PCP if you feel you are Depressed, usually when some one thinks they may be it's a sign that they are. I hope this helps, and have a Great Day!!Wink
I know for me it is constant, it is related to the depression, but that is not the whole story. I do this thing where once or twice a week, in the middle of the day, or even morning I get to where I am just loopy, I have now choice but to sleep, and will sleep almost 24 hours straight. This has only started since the lyrica over dose so I dunno. any way, I am fatigued all the time.
The good news is,"You can get used to anything."
The bad news is,"You can get used to anything."
i stay like that i cant sleep at nite so in daytime i sleep on couch or in the recliner seems i cant even lift my arms im anemic would that help me be that way is there no end to our troubles
worry changes nothing prayer changes every thing

Sithie...I have that problem maybe twice a month. All of a sudden from nowhere I have to take a nap. Generally end up sleeping a good 16 hours straight and then am fine until the next time.

CFS is actually a condition as well that can go along with the rest of it. I go through periods where I may take a nap in the morning then I will be fine the rest of the day - then again I will go days where I may sleep off and on all day because of the fatigue. (
This has not been good for my weight let me tell ya)

My doctor is aware of it and I am on some vitamin suppliments to help with the anemia although I am not that anemic really - it was just boarderline last visit. But she doesn't want it to go lower.

There are times when I go to bed at night where I can sleep only a couple of hours at a time. Last night I got 6 hours and that was good for me - but then took 2 3 hour naps today ..........oh well
Ya know Cap, I have this theory where some of the meds store up in a fat cell somewhere then all come out at once. Dunno if that could be true, but that is what it feels like.

As for the anemia, I stay that way due to female stuff, I get this liquid from the health food place, it is nasty but it works, and I do 90% of all cooking in cast iron. I cannot take anything else for it, and they have tryed them all. But, this seems to work for me.
The good news is,"You can get used to anything."
The bad news is,"You can get used to anything."

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