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Debate Discussion..what do you think?
Hi all...I don't have time at the moment, but I thought I would open up a thread to discuss our perception of the vice president debate. Be back on later...Love Red
Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.
What is it about the word 'NUCLEAR' that republicans can't (or won't?) pronounce it correctly?
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What did everyone think about the debates tonight. There was a lot riding on these debates according to the news. Who do you think did the best tonight? I thought Palin did a great job but it didn't sound like according to the polls that others felt that way. Biden did well, but I expected him to do well with his long history of debates and government. Biden made some good points but so did Palin. The problem for me is that when they say that he voted for this or that...I don't really know what the whole story is..so when the other comes back and denies what the other says, I can't tell who is not telling it exactly as it is. I did write some notes so that I can research them. I plan to do this after my fair. Lets talk...love Red
Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.
I watched the whole thing and then watched it again online. I was proud of Joe Biden, he held his own...Sarah Palin did better than expected however when asked about the mortgage crisis she talked about energy (go figure) the whole waving the white flag thing was a dramatic moment which I felt was stupid as I feel that is not what the Obama/Biden ticket are saying. When asked about regulation Sarah avoid it because she just didn't know about this. I really wish there was another VP debate because I think it would be very interesting.
All in all, good debate...much more interesting that Obama/McCain debate last week. Next week, Obama/McCain go at it, let's hope we get to the essence of what they have planned for the future of our country!
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I was not impressed by either of them. I was waiting for the debates before I made up my mind as who to vote for. When you do your research, make sure you read all the votes. Several things go before congress with different ademduims. That is were the politications get away with saying someone voted NO. Well that bill could have been in front of congress several times with several things changed in it.

Take Care
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I watched the debate and thought it was great. Palin did a great job and stood up there with a 30 year experienced senator and held her own. According to the analysis after the debate Biden made several false statements on obamas votes. Palin will make a great vp to John Mccain and her attitude about the"good old boy"politics in Washington will certainly bring a breath of fresh air to Washington! We definitely need a change in the way our government is run ;whether you are Rep or Dem you can surely agree on this. The one thing that Biden said that i did agree with is this will be the most important vote in November that Americans have ever been faced with. But I like Palin have faith that our great country will weather this storm just as they have done throughout the history of our nation.
red1030 Wrote:The problem for me is that when they say that he voted for this or that...I don't really know what the whole story is..so when the other comes back and denies what the other says, I can't tell who is not telling it exactly as it is. I did write some notes so that I can research them. I plan to do this after my fair. Lets talk...love Red

Red and others,
I caught Biden in two outright lies. So to see what others may have picked up on, I did a Google and found this: http://townhall.com/columnists/AmandaCar..._vp_debate (More lies that I didn't pick up on). And yes, it is pretty difficult to know what the truth is unless one lives politics and has Total Recall!

Also, you guys be careful when listening to the media. They have already decided FOR YOU that Obama is your man. I think with exception to FoxNews and Talk Radio, the rest of the media is attempting to brainwash us all! These left wing media people also use "polls" to sway your thoughts. Polls are biased depending on which channel you're tuned in to. Do the research - if you actually care - and think for yourselves--like Red intends to do. Right, Red?Smile

Due Diligence!
did you all see the picture of obama polishing saras shoes??i had a friend that found pictures on a web site of obama polishing her shoes and it was funny.i will try to find out were its at.
Each day is not a rite,it's a given.

Palin, with a total of 5 weeks in national campaign experience, did a great job. Biden lied about what he said regarding clean coal. He said that he was not against it here in the US, and he was misquoted.

See for yourself what he said:

The Obama ticket is for energy independence, including nuclear, except they won't approve of any method of storing nuclear waste. They are for "clean coal", except they are against it.

As for the pronunciation of the word "nuclear".... This country has numerous regional accents and dialects. Lots of words are pronounced differently. Where I was raised many people pronounce "creek" as "crick". Does not mean they were not smart. I would hope that is not considered a valid reason for selecting a Presidential contender.
I will have to walk more so with Babe then anyone else here. I did think Palin did better then she has done anywhere else when it comes to being on the spot BUT she still didn't answer questions when they were asked. When I listened to some , not all questions and then here her answer I would several times scratch my head and wonder just whose question she was answering. She does this alot. e.g "what color are your shoes Governor Palin?" " Well i decided to do my bathroom over and hired so and so for the work" I cannot see her as VP let alone presiodent of the USA in the near future. Someday.

Joe Biden came across to me just as I expected. I think he could have been more forceful but maybe was told that since Charlie Gibson and Katie supposedly beat up on Palin not to push too much. Biden's experience comes through, Palin's does not.

I do not pay attention to polls or the garbage on the internet. If you search long and hard on the internet you will find crap about Jesus. I do agree with Palin that we need to get out of the past and go into the future with our country. I have seen nothing on TV this morning but stats. I haven't heard one newsperson , journalist, ect. tell me who I should vote for so in my area no one is making up MY mind but me.

Wink...I need to say this and please know that I care so much about you this is very difficult. This is why I hate talking policitics with friends but decided to give my opinion. I feel that your statement that "the media has already decided for YOU and Obama is your man" is insulting. I am an educated, intelligent adult and do not like being told I'm basically a fool who can't think for myself. Also I think "brainwashing" is pushing it a little over the edge. We all got from day one that you are a McCain/Palin fan and that's great. No one has insulted you for that fact. Please don't insult those who don't agree with your opinion. This is a friendly forum and some of your comments are going to turn this thread into another battle instead of us all feeling free to voice our opinion and the rest of the group agreeing to disagree without the name calling ,insults and innuendos. This is just like watching the news or reading a newspaper. It also appears that the R, not all but some, are the only ones here who need to name call and insult someone when they give their opinion. This is just my opinion which I am entitled to as all are entitled to agree or disagree but there is no need to be nasty or insulting about it.

Thank you. I will stop visiting this thread, sorry Red, because it appears to be going in the same direction as some of the others. Cannot seem to give opinions without bashing someone. I still haven't made a decision yet so please don't think I am a staunch any party. I will admit that Sarah Palin is nice to watch BUT I do not see her in any position of great power as she is winking at her family in the audiance. Nice that her family is with her BUT it also makes me think when in need which way will she turn. Family or Country. No human being can give their all to both. I will end here as I am from a different generation than her and do not believe in some of her morals/ethics, whatever we want to call them.


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