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Rating for Injured Nurse
have posted on several occasions about my friend, the injured nurse.

Most recently I posted earlier this month when she was fired from her job because she was no longer able to do the job she was hired to do.

My friend has received two ratings, one by the wc doctor, and one by the doctor her attorney sent her to.

WC Doctor's rating-85%
Attorney's Doctor-73%

Although these are very high rating my friend has a very severe spinal injury according to the doctor's report.

Her diagnosis is, Archoditis.
Bummer- as a nurse the biggest thing is she can't do her job as a hands on nurse with the restrictions and that may be why she is rated so high. My arm was given a 85% as I was a ER/ICU nurse at the time I was injuried. I could not do the things required of me that could make the difference in someone living with only one arm. Nursing is very physical and mental. Very few injuried nurses can return to the type of nursing that requires hands on care. Yes they can go into other types of nursing, but very few company will give them the chance.
May God send his angels to hold you in his arms
Thank you explaining this RNvic.

My friend also has an ulcer cause by the NAISD ordered by the wc doctor.
This morning she started medication for anxiety.

I am for encourging my friend to let her attorney know about the latest medical development.

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