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MRI Findings
Hello again
Has anyone gone for an MRI and found that the film captured a problem but nothing was mentioned in the accompanying report?
I had a cervical MRI and it didn't mention what looks like a herniation above my surgery sight. Even my Pain Management Doc agrees with what I see.
He said to wait till the surgeon see's it next month. Previous MRI's before and after surgery show and report problems Sad
Be Well everyone
Take Care and Be Well
My first MRI on my lumbar spine showed bulges/herniations. The report stated no bulges or abnormalities found. I ended up showing these films to 3 other Drs, 2 of which were spine specialist and they all 3 showed me the 3 bad discs. My Drs. don't have me go to that particular hospital for any type of test anymore. I drive farther, but the reports have been accurate. I was told that some places can have the technology to perform the test but don't read the films accuratly. I have also found this to be true with X-rays as well, I had a fracture in my foot that was missed initially and I walked on it for a month until my Ortho checked the original X-ray and also took a new one.
I wish you luck, your surgeon will be able to read it for you.
Thank you Vickie for responding
I had picked up the MRI disc without the report because it had not been ready yet and when I got it home I could see what I suspected. BUT when the report came a couple of days later not pinpointing anything it really through me off. Now I have to wait another couple of weeks wondering until I see the surgeon.
Be Well Vickie and thanks again
Take Care and Be Well
Tom..I agree with Vickie. I have seen it lots of times myself. One facility reads it one way and another reads it another way. Best of luck.

keep in mind that there is no indendent correlation ( statistical basis ) between spine imaging studies such as xray, CAT scan and mri and a patients symptoms and complaints. In other words the spine literature says that you cannot assume that a disc abnormality on MRI is or is not causing a problem except in very well defined cirucmstances since degeneration, bulging, herniations, etc. are a normal part of aging and found in everyone even if they have never had a back pain.

THere is a great deal of literature that talks about the overreading or over-interpretation of imaging by surgeons etc who have an interest in performing procedures on those structures while the evidence points to the fact that intervention rarely improves function and may worsen disability except in those circumstances where focal neurologic deficits are present.

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