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question/indiana/kentucky wc processes

I am one that never seeked legal help through my whole case so far. It will be 2 yrs. in Jan. I like being able to communicate with the adjuster and see how my mileage payments are coming and any other questions I may have. I also had a NCM that was very nice and would relay things back to the IC if I did not get payments on time. You also have to remember they work for the IC and do relay alot of things back to hurt your case if they find some. Do not always trust them.

I had no problems with the IC till I reached MMI and got my PIR rating. My doctor gave me a 32% and the IC sent me for a IME to their doctor to lower it. The court did agree with the IC doctor and took away paying for my meds and made my PIR rating 10 % instead of the 32. I went to the hearing myself and the labor board took me aside and told me that I should seek legal help. This was before I was notified of my 10 %. If I had a lawyer, I may have had a larger award and they would probably be still paying my medication. I chose not to get one involved. I like being in control of my case and not having to wait for a lawyer to tell me what is going on etc. I feel my case also went faster by not getting tied up in the legal system.

I still go to pain management monthly and get injections and everything is paid. My mileage each month to the doctors is paid less than a week after I submit it now. I cannot complain about the IC as they have been good throughout this ordeal. I am back to work at a new place of employment within my restrictions and making more money at this job than I did my last employer. I would say if you were having difficulty in the beginning and throughout your case you should hire a lawyer. If not.... you may be able to do this yourself if you read alot about what you are entitled to. Things all start to change when you reach MMI and get a rating. When it comes time for payment is when you may find trouble. Not all cases, but some do. It is a personal choice.
carpal tunnel recurrence/ neuropathy / RSD.
1/29/07 injury date. Permanent. PIR settlement 8/4/08 10%
Just so You don't get too Confused, I was Injured in Pa., but My i/c is out of Fenton Mo. The Rules and Regs. that You have to follow are from the State You are Injured in, not where the i/c is Located. I'm a bit Confused on what You mentioned about a "Board" with std on it, is that at Your Work? And as far as an Attorney, it is a Totally Personal Decision, I didn't Retain One until My Surgery Failed, and the Surgeon basically told Me I'm on My Own, He wouldn't Re-Operate. That's when I knew I couldn't Handle it on My Own any longer, and Obtained Help. If You are being Treated Well, that's Great, and if You feel You need to Talk to a Few Attorney's, (The First Consultation is Usually Free) just to be Sure All is Well, that is Fine Also! It's Your Decision, and I'm Sure You will make the Right One. Just Please Make Sure and Follow Your Dr.'s Restrictions, not Only for Your Health, but for Your Case also!! My Very Best to You, and Have a Great Day!!!Wink
You wrote"
I had no problems with the IC till I reached MMI and got my PIR rating. My doctor gave me a 32% and the IC sent me for a IME to their doctor to lower it. The court did agree with the IC doctor and took away paying for my meds and made my PIR rating 10 % instead of the 32[/color]. "
What are the MMI,PIR, AND IME acronyms? I have roughly 70% mobility with ulnar nerve damage to right pinky and partial damage to ring finger. Time elapsed is 8 weeks, and bones are mending. ulnar bone is healed and humerus is aproximately 70-80%. Dr. wants me to use a bone stimulator with at night, and weight restrictions as of now are 5 lbs. @ therapy with progression as OT/PT feels necessary. NCM is really good, and relaying info back to work and IC. I found out the std is for SHORT TERM DISABILITY. they had to post this so that people knew that I might be returning to this position in time.
Thanks ,
MMI - Maximum Medical Improvement - Time at which a claimant's attending physician determines that the claimant has healed from a compensable work-related injury or occupational disease to the fullest extent he or she is expected to heal.

PIR - Permanent Impairment Rating - Rating given by physician based on amount of Permanent disability

IME - Independent Medical Evaluation/Examination - occurs when a doctor who has not previously been involved in a patient’s care examines the patient. IMEs may be conducted to determine the cause, extent and medical treatment of a work-related injury; whether a worker has reached maximum benefit from treatment; and whether any permanent impairment remains after treatment.

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