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Attorney question..
Anyway, I'm from PA and have an attorney who takes 20%.. but is one of those that "doesnt get money unless he gets money for you." I was curious, my comp checks.. can he take 20% out of those?
if he helps you get them then yes
I received these benefits prior to getting an attorney. However, they were suspended so to speak.. I went back to work on light duty. I recently had surgery, I'm off of work and receiving comp again. I'm curious as to why he hasnt taken anything out of those..
Check your state regulations. They are all different. Mine can't touch a dime of my weekly checks.
Same here, in VA, they can not take their % from your weekly checks. They only take it anytime they go to court for you. If that happens, the judge tells you how much their time cost to show up for court and the amount is taken out from your settlement check.
ohh wow ..okay. I was curious because I don't get much ..and I was afraid to spend it all incase he had yet to take his, "cut." So if he doesnt get money from my comp checks, then he moreless agreed to be my attorney because why, he's looking for a settlement.. right
Here in Illinois my attorney took his percent from my settlement check ,

Welcome to the boards, there are several others from Pa that may be able to answer your question.
I can finally answer a question...........I'm from PA. I didn't have a lawyer at first and I was getting checks which were 66% of my wages. They sent me back to work light duty, but I only could do this for a couple of days. During this time they cut my checks way down.. I then got an attorney. We went to court and he had my original WC checks reinstated. We had agreed on 20% for his services. For the first couple of months they didn't take anything from my check. Around month 3 they started to take 20% out for the lawyer. My lawyer is a really good guy and he didn't make me pay for the 3 months.The one thing I don't understand is I was under the impression that he would only take 20% of what he actually got for me. Not 20% of my entire check, which is what he gets. It really doesn't matter since after I got him it took so much pressure off of me it is worth it..............Now that I thought about it...You better go back a read your contract...Maybe it states he is only going to take 20% of a settlement. All of the lawyers I spoke to before getting mine stated they wanted 20% of whatever they got for me.
Jilly, I'm from Pa. also, and this is the Best way I can Explain it: If You Returned at Light Duty, and then had to Leave Work Again and Your Checks started coming to You from w/c without the Attorney having to go to a Hearing, then they will take Nothing from Your Checks. Your Case is being "Maintained" and "Monitored" by Your Attorney at this Point, meaning they are Your Attorney of Record, and any Correspondence is to go to them. Now let's Say Your Employer Asks for Superceadeus, which Means they want to Stop Your Checks, and the Attorney Represents You at a Hearing either in Person or via Phone, and the Judge tells the Employer that the Superceadeus is Declined, and You will continue to Receive Your Checks, then from that Point on, the Attorney would get 20%,because they were Fundamental in Keeping Your Checks Coming. That's One Example,but I guess what I'm Saying is until they do Something to either Protect or Raise Your Payments, they should Receive Nothing. I Hope this has Helped, and Have a Great Evening!!!Wink
jilly23 Wrote:Anyway, I'm from PA and have an attorney who takes 20%.. but is one of those that "doesnt get money unless he gets money for you." I was curious, my comp checks.. can he take 20% out of those?

I think 20% percent is alot? Usually lawyer only charge 10-12% if they win your case and if they don't you don't have to pay them anything. Hope that helps!

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