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Well I told you
Funny I said this would happen. Again I do not care for the fat elephant or the fat donkey for they both are the same all I care about is getting this country back to where it once was,with belief of GOD blessed us here. To many people turned their back on God so our judgment is coming quick and to think McCain or Obama could help us is a joke.

Look at this article:






The last one is great it is about the fear of other countries not wanting to buy or debts so with the mounting bail outs of banks that WE HAVE TO PAY FOR, I cannot think or wonder why so many are not outraged or pissed as they the banks and Corps. get free money from the government to bail them out but I wonder why we do not get help from forclosers (which by they way is still increasing every day).

So there will be more banks closing soon I'm sure if the big ones are in trouble the little ones are too,just to plant a thought in all your brains that there will be more on the way. There will be a day when the market will crash as it is being held in place with band aids.

Mr. Bush and his clan of merry thieves do not care about us so what they say oh lets give more and more money to these failing banks so they print some more up, and who pays for this?????????
US our kids we have a mounting debt that just does not stop we need to stop spending money we need our troops home we need America back to the constitution.

So what are your plans when we hit the depression?
I dont believe we will hit a depression unless you believe people having to live on what they make not what they can borrow is a depression...The problem we are having is we had taken the PRIDE out of americans we have become a nation of ner do wells sucking at the goverment tit....We headed down the wrong track when we began to give people a check for for doing nothing....Dont you think its a bit odd when a 15 year old can get pregnant get excelent medical care on our dime,get the babies formula on our dime and get a welfare check besides...when our senior citizens choose between a RX or food and they have worked all their lives?
Where you can kill or rob someone and go to collage in jail again on our dime but young kids who have stayed out of trouble and work their butts of spend years paying off collage loans.....
Our country is broken yes but our core values are sound we just have to get people to take responsabilty for what they do......You get PG once ok anyone makes a mistake but baby 2,3,4,5 come on lets be real
We have to get back to being proud to earn our own living.Christian values again where we help one another UP.
Your mad the goverment stepped in and took over Fannie and Freddie....well the goverment could have let millions of people lose their homes and jobs would that have made more sense to you?
We are raising a group of people who no longer believe in the majority system...not what can I do for you but what can you do for me? Our side loses an election and instead of saying ok what can I do to help this guy do better we spend the next 4 years bashing him and fighting him the whole way and then when nothing gets done we blame him.....Grow up no matter who wins this election if we dont all pitch in and do our part he is gonna fail also.....You cant get Dems to pass a bill the Rep want and vice versa......I am man hear me roar.....If we dont work together and stop blaming the problems on everyone else we are doomed....When we first got hurt we were living month to month spending every penny that came in hell we made good money why not we were living the american dream....All the kids had everything they needed and most of what they wanted..our incomes came crashing down and what we thought was the american dream went up in a puff of smoke......But you know we know have everything we need and our wants arent so expensive anymore.....and we have a bit in savings not a whole lot but enought to take care of a minor emergency without whipping out a credit card which we dont have anymore anyway.....We are NOW living the american dream we own our home we own our car we can pay the bills but we no longer go out to eat 3 or 4 nites a week we no longer go and buy the latest gadget just to say we have it and when I go to the grocery store I watch what I put in the cart......we are spoiled rotten us americans.
But you know what? I have my home,good friends here that I know I can count on thru thick and thin not those I had when I worked that never comes around anymore...I have plenty to eat it may not be fixed in a resteraunt but I am a better cook anyway.warm clothes..and the love of my family what more could I want?
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

We're in a Very Tough Spot right Now, and it is Surely going to get Worse.Who Caused it? Whose to Blame? I Honestly don't Care at this Point All I know is I have to get My Family and Friends Close, and Make Sure We Survive this! And if there is any Way I can Help Others without Hurting My own I Will, but Charity Begins at Home. Placing Blame and Standing by and Watching things Fall around You and Saying "I Told You So", as so Many are doing these Days is doing No One Any Good!! Protect Your Own, Reach Out to others in Need, and get through the Battles First, then take a Look at the Over All War! But You have to Survive this Economic Crisis to be able to Talk about it Later! And it's going to Take More than a 4 Year Term of ANY President to Fix this Problem. It's taken Years to get Here, and it's going to Take Years to Repair!! Positivity begets Positivity and Action, and Negativity brings nothing but Down Fall! So We need to be Saying "What Can I Do", not "Who Caused this Mess!"
Amen Limbo Amen
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

I thought about this for awhile really I did and even asked help to write this but it came down to who cares what i would say as sometimes people cannot break out of the BOX they feel that all the info they get from Fox news or CNN or even your big three is the truth.

I do have friends and my family is close to me also I do not hate women so here me roar cause I am man was uncalled for just cause I do not agree with your mind set does not make me your enemy. I do not agree with women and even teenagers who are regnant the cause of this, as I see it as though at least they did not do a sin and have it aborted! I agree with the nipple sucking but it is the BANKS and CORPS doing it. As for a person who did wrong and is serving time who can reform and become productive there is nothing wrong with that either as it is not my job to JUDGE PEOPLE remember those without sin may cast the first stone! and I believe no one here can judge anyone.

I do not believe in baking a president who is a thief and has caused nothing but grief since he has been in office lying the whole time! and I will not back either one going into office either it is my opinion and others who think the same which are many and growing that our government is off track and going further off track! so nope we will not agree and back either one coming up! LOL I am not mad because he was not my guy? I'm sorry I even voted for this slick talker! LOL hehe haha oh one more thing the government helping Fannie and Freddie did not help anyone but the BANKS! it did not help all the families still losing their homes LOL! and hey you forgot the BANKS in the past months and hey the 2 new ones this week! do you see a theme? of course not!

I agree we do need more folks working! can you tell me where? just in my area Ford is closed,Doge/Chrysler is closed and from that I can name a dozen companies who closed with them as they supplied parts for them! hey the can work for Wally World right for cheap prices and China goods! I at least shop American but it is getting harder and harder to find the goods! as they do cost more than the flooded China made goods with lead paint,and when you buy that thing from China just think you support them and the sweatshops and the children that they have working there for pannies I wont forget India either! So I guess all the people who are hurting and lost there jobs here are wrong for asking the government to help them! after all they are sucking off the nipple right! OH how we are backwards in our thinking!

Well I can say this you should care who is to blame! to say you do not care is APATHY and it should make you pissed to find out who is to blame I can say 100% it is not pregnant teenagers! also to say to look out for one another is true to help is true as we are going to have to that to survive this thing! but you must also look back in the past to when this happened before and see what is happening now! If you have older neighbors get to know them and help them get to know your neighbors and learn to grow a vegetable garden a neighborhood garden learn to barter as for the blame game darn right you must learn and see who to blame.

As for the president fixing this thing LOL nope how many know that our government officials had a closed session of congress not to long ago? do you know why? here is a hint of a coming financial disaster in Sept. or Oct. tick tick tock you should be upset of this! if you do not believe just ask and I will give a link of C-span you know how they cover the Senate and Congress in session 24-7 well I have it where they closed the session from the public and Senator Kusenerich sorry sp was pissed and questioned them on this! so they where in session discussing how to save themselves and for martial law for us how fun right! Here is another one I have friends in New York and lets say they work for this big outfit who has their own pres and council members ok guess what they where told to do? to close their bank accounts down and send their money home to be safe, but hey it's just me right! after my friends are wrong and do not work for this big bloated monster who should not be on our soil!

I cannot believe some people to be so mean on this sight and I will say I told you so! after all this is not a political thing do you know under martial law what would happen to us? how king George has signed a presidential order which cancels our elections untile he feels it is safe makes you feel all warm and fuzzy now well some of you it does. But to be American and to have the elections canceled is wrong than it becomes no longer a free country does it! can you imagine Obama in permanently or McCain? and well if it is a police state who will police us? all our soldiers are over seas? and can you even imagine the large cities without food and the riots? the police cannot deal with that! so now you see why the close session of congress so if it is not going to happen than why the close session? and why are my friends told to close they're bank accounts here? if you think I am making up the bill or I should say presidents order he signed which is a order that will take place once martial law is in affect I will show you but you should look it up yourselves.

Right we all should ban together and take care of each other but most wont what will happen without food? why do we import most of all our fruit and vegetables? when we where the bread basket of the world once? WELL THE banks BOUGHT OUT ALL THE SMALL FARMS AND NOW MOST ARE CONGLOMERATE big corps running farms not too many small farmers nowadays and the ones that do farm can barely make ends meet and ask for government help also darn them right sucking off the nipple but one sad thing is the government than takes their farm away when they cannot make a payment! so what will happen when this all drops and there is no food at the store? and the big cities all those people will starve or hey need food give me your guns! so band together you are right!

I guess most of all Jayne why attack me? I never attacked you and if I do not agree on your candidates so what I do not agree on the other either,I will not complain as you call it but i will speak out along with many others on this give to the rich and non for the poor their are now tent cities in Cali and other states to where people lost their homes and jobs should they not ask for help from the government? and they do and receive hardly anything!

While the illegals are getting everything they want free health care and money to come over here yet the government does nothing about it! do you know our border patrol is getting shot at? nope cause media does not tell you this! how about how Mexicans are being taught that we stole their land? and that they should come here to take over? so what is the government doing about this? all talk and no actions so yes are judgment is coming and I can say I told you so as a warning! getting behind our leaders right even though most Americans say we have a problem with the illegals do our leaders do anything? how about most Americans want our troops home do they care? so the Dems won the offices when they said they would bring them home yet did they? get behind our leaders when most Americans want to open Alaska up for more oil and even Montana now has oil yet do they?

So GOD bless us all and do you know where the word AMEN came from? hint think EGYPT _ _ _ _ RAH there is a hint.
I never attacked you my friend never but I do believe you are wrong on this one and when I said I am man hear me roar I was talking about good ol boys in general not one man....But I cannot live my life thinking the worst about everyone it would drive me nuts.......All I can do is my part I have no control over anyone else.....I believe till we start taking credit for what we dont do as well as what we do do we are in trouble....Dont vote dont gripe......We fall into three groups those who take care of themselves and others.....those who take care of only themselves and those who wait for someone to take care of them.......I hope me and mine are always in the first......I believe the war in Iraq was worth it,my family believes it was worth it....My husband served over there,3 son in laws and 3 daughters over there some of them more than once....And boy howdy I am proud of them for standing up for those who couldnt stand for themselves,and anyone who thinks we shouldnt be there are intitled to their opinion.I just dont happen to agree with them.Dont get pissed at me for standing up for what I believe in...My Daddy is a yellow dog democrat he is 96 years old and will for the first time in his entire life vote R for Palin he believes she can do what no one else can......And he will tell you anyone that has a place to sleep electricty and food in their house is better off than anyone was when he was growing up....The great Depression was caused by the same thing this one will be.....People spending more than they bring in we live on credit not on cash.....We simply must be able to live within our means.....I have a small farm I can and do live on it grow most of what we eat to include meat and eggs...I can milk make butter and cheese I can bake bread and take care of my family.....So small farms can and do make it...it wasnt till goverment came in and paid them to NOT GROW CROPS the trouble started.......AWWWWWWW we disagree that is what makes this country great we can disagree and still be friends.....
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

I don't know guys, I think I may just go move to a lil island no one knows about and just live off the land....

I'm not telling you where it is, I don't want to be followed Smile
Well, my only comment to all of this....I spent most of my savings buying a camp lot and an rv to live in cheap in the next several years as I believe we all going to have it very rough. I am also pulling out the rest of my saving as I think more banks will fail. All I know, whatever is happening worldwide is out of control and nobody can fix it, only God. So I pray.

A friend of mine e-mailed this to me. Whether its a joke that either candidate can help us or not is not really what we're voting on. It was very interesting so I thought I'd see what everyone else thought. We have to pick one. Who will it be is the question. Everything else, we'll have to take up with the government once the next president is elected. At least that is how I look at it......here it is.......

Dear Friends:

My name is Joe. I live in Champaign , Illinois .. I'm 46 years old, a born-again Christian, a husband, a father, a small business owner, a veteran, and a homeowner. I don't consider myself to be either conservative or liberal, and I vote for the person, not Republican or Democrat. I don't believe there are "two Americas " - but that every person in this country can be whomever and whatever they want to be if they'll just work to get there - and nowhere else on earth can they find such opportunities. I believe our government should help those who are legitimately downtrodden, and should always put the interests of America first.

The purpose of this message is that I'm concerned about the future of this great nation. I'm worried that the silent majority of honest, hard-working, tax-paying people in this country have been passive for too long. Most folks I know choose not to involve themselves in politics. They go about their daily lives, paying their bills, raising their kids, and doing what they can to maintain the good life. They vote and consider doing so to be a sacred trust. They shake their heads at the political pundits and so-called "news", thinking that what they hear is always spun by whomever is reporting it. They can't understand how elected officials can regularly violate the public trust with pork barrel spending. They don't want government handouts. They want the government to protect them, not raise their taxes for more government programs.

We are in the unique position in this country of electing our leaders. It's a privilege to do so. I've never found a candidate in any election with whom I agreed on everything. I'll wager that most of us don't even agree with our families or spouses 100% of the time. So when I step into that voting booth, I always try to look at the big picture and cast my vote for the man or woman who is best qualified for the job. I've hired a lot of people in my lifetime, and essentially that's what an election is - a hiring process. Who has the credentials? Whom do I want working for me? Whom can I trust to do the job right?

I'm concerned that a growing number of voters in this country simply don't get it. They are caught up in a fervor they can't explain, and calling it "change".

"Change what?", I ask.

"Well, we're going to change America ", they say.

"In what way?", I query.

"We want someone new and fresh in the White House", they exclaim.

"So, someone who's not a politician?", I say.

"Uh, well, no, we just want a lot of stuff changed, so we're voting for Obama", they state.

"So the current system, the system of freedom and democracy that has enabled a man to grow up in this great country, get a fine education, raise incredible amounts of money and dominate the news and win his party's nomination for the White House - that system's all wrong?"

"No, no, that part of the system's okay - we just need a lot of change."

And so it goes. "Change we can believe in."

Quite frankly, I don't believe that vague proclamations of change hold any promise for me. In recent months, I've been asking virtually everyone I encounter how they're voting. I live in Illinois , so most folks tell me they're voting for Barack Obama. But no one can really tell me why - only that he's going to change a lot of stuff. "Change, change, change." I have yet to find one single person who can tell me distinctly and convincingly why this man is qualified to be President and Commander-in-Chief of the most powerful nation on earth - other than the fact that he claims he's going to implement a lot of change.

We've all seen the emails about Obama's genealogy, his upbringing, his Muslim background, and his church affiliations. Let's ignore this for a moment. Put it all aside. Then ask yourself, "What qualifies this man to be my president? That he's a brilliant orator and talks about change?"


Friends, I'll be forthright with you - I believe the American voters who are supporting Barack Obama don't have a clue what they're doing, as evidenced by the fact that not one of them - NOT ONE of them I've spoken to can spell out his qualifications. Not even the most liberal media can explain why he should be elected. Political experience? Negligible. Foreign relations? Non-existent. Achievements? Name one. Someone who wants to unite the country? If you haven't read his wife's thesis from Princeton , look it up on the web. This is who's lining up to be our next First Lady? The only thing I can glean from Obama's constant harping about change is that we're in for a lot of new taxes.

For me, the choice is clear. I've looked carefully at the two leading applicants for the job, and I've made my choice.

Here's a question - "Where were you five and a half years ago? Around Christmas, 2002. You've had five or six birthdays in that time. My son has grown from a sixth grade child to a high school graduate. Five and a half years is a good chunk of time. About 2,000 days. 2,000 nights of sleep. 6, 000 meals, give or take."

John McCain spent that amount of time, from 1967 to 1973, in a North Vietnamese prisoner-of-war camp.

When offered early release, he refused it. He considered this offer to be a public relations stunt by his captors, and insisted that those held longer than he should be released first. Did you get that part? He was offered his freedom, and he turned it down. A regimen of beatings and torture began.

Do you possess such strength of character? Locked in a filthy cell in a foreign country, would you turn down your own freedom in favor of your fellow man? I submit that's a quality of character that is rarely found, and for me, this singular act defines John McCain.

Unlike several presidential candidates in recent years whose military service is questionable or non-existent, you will not find anyone to denigrate the integrity and moral courage of this man. A graduate of Annapolis, during his Naval service he received the Silver Star, Bronze Star, Purple Heart and Distinguished Flying Cross. His own son is now serving in the Marine Corps in Iraq . Barack Obama is fond of saying "We honor John McCain's service...BUT...", which to me is condescending and offensive - because what I hear is, "Let's forget this man's sacrifice for his country and his proven leadership abilities, and talk some more about change."

I don't agree with John McCain on everything - but I am utterly convinced that he is qualified to be our next President, and I trust him to do what's right. I know in my heart that he has the best interests of our country in mind. He doesn't simply want to be President - he wants to lead America , and there's a huge difference. Factually, there is simply no comparison between the two candidates. A man of questionable background and motives who prattles on about change can't hold a candle to a man who has devoted his life in public service to this nation, retiring from the Navy in1981 and elected to the Senate in1982.

Perhaps Obama's supporters are taking a stance between old and new. Maybe they don't care about McCain's service or his strength of character, or his unblemished qualifications to be President. Maybe "likeability" is a higher priority for them than "trust". Being a prisoner of war is not what qualifies John McCain to be President of the United States of America - but his demonstrated leadership certainly DOES.

Dear friends, it is time for us to stand. It is time for thinking Americans to say, "Enough." It is time for people of all parties to stop following the party line. It is time for anyone who wants to keep America first, who wants the right man leading their nation, to start a dialogue with all their friends and neighbors and ask who they're voting for, and why.

There's a lot of evil in this world. That should be readily apparent to all of us by now. And when faced with that evil as we are now, I want a man who knows the cost of war on his troops and on his citizens. I want a man who puts my family's interests before any foreign country.

I want a President who's qualified to lead.
yes I have read that one or simular to it.....You see there is a growing population of people who seem to think we can tell other countries thats not nice and put them in time out and thats gonna work they are gonna quit being mean...It didnt work with mean kids and it damn sure isnt gonna work with power hungry dictators ...all that works with them is knowing America fights back and fights for those who cant..During clintons term he downgraded the military spending so much that we didnt have the computers and spy things we needed to have the intellegence to know what Sadam was up to.....alot of wrong things were done...In my opinion we should have went over and laid a patch of bombs that would have turned the whole of Iraq into a glass parking lot sure the U.N. would have been pissed so would have the terriost countries but they are pissed anyway...And they would have thought twice about getting us again and of course to the victor go the spoils and we would have had a whole lot of oil but nope gotta do this diplomaticaly(sp) heck that is what gets us into so much trouble and lost us the vietnam war...There should be NO RULES in war they dont follow them why should we and if they would have followed them there wouldnt be a need for a war in the first place......hell I am going camping and roast marshmellows you all have a good weekend and remember jayne will be back
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......


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