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Political Thoughts only
i will keep my mouth shut too but do enjoy reading
worry changes nothing prayer changes every thing
Well, my subject was, not on who someone would vote for, or who they like to vote for.

It was based on my thoughts as to which 2 people will be choosen to represent VP for either party.

Like in, which one will try to pull what off were my thoughts. And as I said, I was surprised by both parties on who they picked, compaired to my thoughts on who they might of picked.

I really want to see and hear what both parties have to say, and what they wish to do this time.

But, I would like to see it done without all the trash the Media will help spread out....
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I am actually a Democrat. I just have to say I was impressed with what I have seen with McCains VP pick. I must say she does have a great first name. As that is a name all to familiar to my family. My daughter in law is a Sarah.... My grand mother was named Sarah and doing geneology and searching my family back for near 200 years that is the most common female name in my family. and let me tell you those in my family with the name Sarah have all been very strong and out spoken women. It must be in that name LOL.
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As a strong, life long Republican and fiscal conservative (not a religious conservative - there is a difference), I was somewhat ambivalent about the McCain Candidacy. However, after watching the speeches of the last few nights, and learning more about the man, his history, and his character, as well as the BRILLIANT pick of Sarah Palin, I am more excited about this race than I ever thought I would be.

I know that some people are reluctant to talk politics. Those that know me know I am a political junkie, and delve into the opportunity whenever I can. Looks like Jayne and I will own this thread.... Smile
I am not afraid to admit to being very pleased with mcCain and Palin and we are not alone Admin you should see some of the stuff Sithie sends me as she is another pleased with our party....many on here are friends and dont feel comfortable discussing politics.......No problems I can discuss it without name calling.....We cannot fund more programs and give more tax breaks its not possiable....money has to come from somewhere to pay for the programs...since Obama isnt gonna take it out of his check where is the money going to come from?(the taxpayer)
We get x amount of dollars to work with each month when thats gone its gone I cant print more money period.....The goverment should have the same rules.
Our dollar is weak thats an easy one to explain we send billions of dollars to other countries every month supply and demand....they have our dollars and we have nothing they want to buy so our money is like toilet paper to them....stop sending it everywhere and the supply dries up they dont have our money to wipe their fanny on.
Under the states of Texas,Okla and Alaska is enough oil and natural gas to fuel our country but tree huggers wont let us use it....Wind power is out there again no one wants those windmills in their back yard.....(please put one in mine) energy is the biggest drain on our dollars overseas put a plug in it.
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BB.....Great thread. Thank you. I am enjoying reading. The republicas certainly own the thread so farWink. I , like you, am interesting in hearing more without all the mud slinging going on by both parties. Don't care whose right and whose wrong about the insults thrown at each other's family, am more interested in what will be done to fix our country. I believe as Jayne does that soooooooooo much of our money is going somewhere else and in the meantime America and it's citizens are suffering more and more.

I agree with both jayne and admin about fiscal responsibility. I saw a lot of issues surrounding healthcare when homeless people had care and did not have to pay for their services. I am not saying that a homeless person should not recieve care, but I believe that everyone should recieve care as they want it. Someone on welfare will bring their children to the ER for a sneeze or a cough which uses the tax payers dollars unneccessarily. Then we see the injustices of who obtains healthcare and who does not right here on this forum. People who are baring hanging on due to the rise in cost of gas, energy bills, food, and any retail where shipping is involved which is most retail stores etc and they can't obtain medical care. I also believe that people who have come up through the ranks of class should feel good about their work ethic and their persistence to continue to get where they want to be, or as it is called the "American Dream." However, as I implied I am a democrat and that is unlikely to change. I still believe that communities are responsible for each other from providing jobs to providing healthcare. We all know that their are people such as drug addicts who do not Keep and Maintain jobs and often become homeless...but they do have emergency medical through the federal government indengent programs. Then a person working for minimum wage can't have medical care due to inability to afford or they make too much for welfare assistance. I believe in social medicine most likely because I recieve my care at the VAMC. It is a government ran medical center and I recieve excellent care there. Often I am concerned about how they do appointments etc, on the other hand, so what. It is a minor inconvienence compared to needing funds to pay an insurance for the prividge to pay a large co pay also. I realize our taxes would go up. You would most likely have to deal with the same type of sitution that we all deal here in NJ with our property taxes for the school systems. Increased Taxes so that others can have medical care. I do waiver on this due to my strong work ethic. I never have expected anything from any one else and I have always believed that if I want something I must do something to get it. Additionally, it is my responsibility to work and give back to society so that people who are less fortunate do have healthcare if any of this makes sense.

I don't believe that either candidate is going to be able to completely fix our economy or our heathcare issues, education issues and so forth, but maybe if they focus on helping each issues they will made a difference for all Americans. I don't know how I am going to vote, not really convince that anyone can be a good president who is very smooth and charismatic (sp) in their communication. So it is still up in the air for me. I, too really like the Alaskan VP, but I like the democratic choice for VP so that can't even help me to decide.... Maybe this tread will give me more insight to make a good choice. Love Red
Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.
Red, that is just why I made this thread. You put it into words that I couldn't. Thanks Red...Big Grin

Word of thought, is these people now making their speeches, are not writing them!!!

Over the last couple of years, I have watched what many employer's have done, to prevent employee's from having Health Care. They hire all Part Time Employee's and have a good written Company Policy hand Book. Which will state any employee under 30 hours per week, will have to pay their own Insurance, and only all full time employee will get some relief with company applying a Min fund towards the Insurance. And some employer's offer no assistance to helping by adding any amount to fund into help paying for Insurance. Leaving many employee's helpless to the fact food comes for the family before Insurance.

But, other then them saying their going to fix something, I would start to hear on how they are going to fix it. That to me, makes for the better speech that I wish to hear come out of their mouths. The ones that do that, will get my Vote then. Otherwise I will just have to make a Judgement Vote, based on my thoughts.
Reply's are intended solely for informational purposes. They are based on personal opinions, experience, or research and are "not to be taken as fact or legal advice", otherwise, always consult an attorney or a doctor.
Interesting reading. There are so many issues. I just pray that all Americans of voting age make an educated decision when voting and pray that the right candidate wins. It is so sad to watch some of the hardships going on. Red... I feel as you do. I have family and friends that have that wonderful work ethic and no health insurance. If ill they do the best they can because they can't afford to see a Dr. I know sooner or later I will be one of them. It's frightening. I wish I could work right now and hope I can someday BUT doubt that I will ever see the health benefits I have now. I would just like to see this country having all attention and not other countries. That's it for now. I don't want to say too much but am enjoying reading.

Thanks again BB!Wink

Cap...BB...I completely agree with what you are both saying. Working in Administration outside of the US Navy I saw exactly what you are saying. Honestly I have done that as well to stretch my budget to buy something that I thought was needed for our home, such as more hoyer lifts, specialty beds and so forth. The other way that a company makes out on this situation is that they do not have to pay benefits as stated in a union contract or the policy etc. Years ago companies would not stay in business if they made less than 25%. My father in-law closed up the largest roofing company in Oregon due to his profit margins were falling below and he felt the risk was not worth it anymore. I think that the small business man or women has to do some of this to keep in a float. Then it comes down to what is better, close up the business such as my father in law did or keep your employees working. Here again if this an issues then the most expensive expenses go first, namely health care insurance. Work man's comp is dictated by state law and federal laws. Health care insurance is not. For instance, my brother is a minister and he recieves his money from the church. The church however doesn't not pay his health insurance so he works a job also and he makes just enough to pay his health care insurance for him and his family.

thanks for the discussion BB...love Red
Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.

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