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Spine Fusion?Is the outcome of this procedure Positive?
Thank You All for your inputs about you thoughts and experiences about my matter.Bad boy thanks for the links!and my Dr.is a nero.
What would be other options that I could explore other than the spine fusion that you all can think of??and my Dr. has me on Hydrocodones and I take these 4-5 times a day and they do not help the pain.What kind of Meds do you know of that are stronger that he might prescribe me?He says I can get addicted to Hydrocodones because they are an opiate.Are any of the stronger meds non-opiate?Thanks Again!!Born
Pain meds are just that, addicting for some, for some there not.

Can't say much, with-out a new MRI with Contrast at this time.
Reply's are intended solely for informational purposes. They are based on personal opinions, experience, or research and are "not to be taken as fact or legal advice", otherwise, always consult an attorney or a doctor.
Opiates are almost never addicting ( <3% of all cases ) in chronic pain patients but they always cause physical dependence.

There is apparently some confusion between the terms addiction and dependence. Dependence is no beg deal if medically indicated and you won't be coming off of opiates any time in the foreseeable future, just that you go into withdrawal if suddenly stopped. If you are not going to be stopping then there really isn't an issue. Hydrocodone with APAP is a particularly poor choice for chronic pain management because;
a) it doesn't relieve pain in chronic pain patients and lasts maybe takes the edge off for 90 minutes four to six times per day in a patient who has pain 24 hours a day and ,
b) has a high acetominophen content and there are studies suggesting chronic low dose APAP contributes to kidney and heart disease.

Long acting opiates are the preferred method of pain control in those whose physician deems opiates necessary management.
My husband is 5 weeks out from a 4 level back fusion L1-L5 S1 The first few days we were wondering what we had done. But now other than some random leg pain he is doing well. He has other problems in his back still but the low part is good now. He is on chronic paon mgmt and the tens unit works well and he is on morphine ER (1 a day extended relief) but his pain was a 10 prior, 7 right after, and is running a 2 now. He was in the hospital 3 days and home in bed 4 days. On walker for 6 days after that. Now he can walk on his own and with his reacher can do about what he wants. He does have a hard back brace that he has to wear if he is out in the car or out and about.
Always believe in yourself. No matter how much some people will make you doubt yourself.

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