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Hospital Lien
Remember my auto accident that happened in the Tulsa ice storm?

I received medical tretment at the local hospital and I received a notice by certified mail today from the hospital.

A lien has been placed against the drivers insurance company and the driver of the other vehicle for the amount of medical bills owed.

The accident happened Dec 07 and the other driver lost control of their vehicle and hit the passanger's side of my husband's truck where I was sitting.

This lien has been filed in Disctict Court and the bill is for more then I am able to pay out of pocket.

My husband was driving our truck and we had $2,500.00 in medical on the truck and most of the medical bills have been paid by our insurance company except this one.

State Farm left a voice mail on my cell phone and wanted to know if I was ready to settle.

Does any one know what this lien means?
BK, That is strange, If the Hospital is placing a lein against the other driver and his IC why are they sending you notice, Unless it is because they think you need to know.... I would make a copy and turn it over to your attorney....... Let us know what you find out I am curious.
Bummer,I think I would call them Monday and find out what it all means, you shouldn't be responsible for anything right?Good Luck!
no matter where you're at there you are
I don't believe I am. I do not have an attorney for the auto accident as an attorney gets 30% of settlement. I did talk to my work comp attorney about the auto accident and informed him about my injury.

I will call the hospital and talk to them about the lien and depending on what they say it may be time to get an attorney.
I would make sure that bill is paid before you settle. If you don't you will probably be responsible for it if the party who hit you and their insurance company do not pay it.

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Liens are common, when they know your going to sue. The Lien is in place so when you settle they get their money. Add the amount of the unpaid bill to the settlement. They will get theirs, and you get yours. You don't pay a Lien till the case is settled.
Reply's are intended solely for informational purposes. They are based on personal opinions, experience, or research and are "not to be taken as fact or legal advice", otherwise, always consult an attorney or a doctor.
Bummer, if I am Reading this Correct, a Lien wasn't Placed on You, it was Placed on the Other Driver, because they must have had Limited Tort Ins., which Means if they didn't choose a High enough Ins. and the Costs went over their amount of Coverage, they could be Held Liable. That has nothing to do with You or Your Ins., or any Settlement Amount that the Ins. Co. may Offer, it is against the Other Driver, meaning that they can't Sell Their Home or any Property without Paying these Monies Back to the i/c. Check with Your Ins. Agent to Make Sure I am Correct, but You should be O.K., and if You are Ready to Settle with the Other Ins., don't let this Stop You! Best of Luck!!Wink

Bummer...BB has it right.

Thank you every one.
This has me worried even if the lein is not on me. I have excellent credit, I do hope this won't change anything.

I am scheduled for a nerve conduction test Sept 2nd, due to needle & pain down my right arm, my hand & wrist, and headaches.

My osteopath thinks this is all related to the neck injury from the auto accident.

If this is not related then I will look at settling with the insurance company.

Bummer this lien will not effect you at all. It is on the other side. They just sent you notice, as happens with WC, to let you know anything/everything that goes on. It is your right to know.

Don't worry.


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