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You should start now before it is too late
Here in wi there is not a time limit, unless of course you have settled.. Many states are the same, I have always sent my mileage by registered mail.. Here they have 30 days from when they recieve it to have a check cut and in the mail.. By sending registered you have a paper trace and they cant say they didnt get it... You are alowed to use all milage to your treating wc injury dr, and any referals from him/her.. Your also allowed milage to get scripts from your pharmacy...
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(08-21-2008, 01:10 PM)jimmyo1 Wrote: I would like to know after being on WC for five months and not putting in for mileage reimbursment, is it to late to do it now? I also would like to know, what if I don't have the receipts?
They prefer you send in multiple appointment dates rather then one every month.
Just keep track of date, miles, time and the APPROVED doctor with address that you saw.
Keep a copy of everything in a folder.
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