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inaccurate reports
Good for you Snowbear.Let me know what's happening. I have an apptointment this morning and am telling the PM Dr. exactly how I feel about his notes that are always wrong and his offensive comments to me the last time I was there. I don't know if he was having a bad day and I took the brunt of it or what. He hasn't done anything to help me as far as I'm concerned and all of a sudden has an attitude with me. Settlement talks are going on and the last thing I need is to have to change Dr.s but will not put up with this crap anymore. Every month I walk in am asked if I need a prescription, are things the same and say Bye. Times up. I've had enough.

I hope your appt went good Cap. Let us know how it went. Hugs to you!!
Always love your cubs unconditionally...they are a gift from God and someday they'll pick your nursing home!!
Hey there Snowbear glad to hear from you again. Maybe this is something that is different for each state, doctor or worker but for me it has been real easy to get the discrepancies corrected. I find it is easiest to get them fixed if I do it immediately upon receiving the document. My doctor's office is the one that makes the most errors. Fortunately my physical therapists and counselor are part of that office too. Whenever I find a mistake in any of the documents I bring it to the attention of my doctor or counselor and they get it taken care of right away for me. I don't think either one of them like me pointing out all the mistakes that come from there.

I've also had problems with the attorney's office making lots of mistakes. When I bring the errors to her attention she calls them typos. Now how the heck can you call incorrect information a "typo"?

With my neurosurgeon I took the copy they sent to me and had a copy made of that. I corrected all the errors in dark red ink and then made copies of that for all parties and sent it to them. My doctor made sure that it went into my file which is what I think we ultimately want. That way a judge will see it if you ever do go to trial.

Good luck Snowbear and keep in touch.

Hi girls..........Deb that's a wonderful idea. Do you request a copy of every report , evertime you see the Dr? I'm thinking maybe every month when I go asking for a copy of the notes from the visit the month before. This way I know it's been typed up.

Snow.... Dr. was very easy to talk to. I'm sorry I waited so long. He also asked me to please never wait from visit to visit if something is bothering me but to call him. I told him I felt that he was untouchable and I was bothering him. That really upset him, but that';s how I felt. We went over his notes, some back to the first visit and he made corrections. He wasn't at all offended but felt him and I should be on the same page with everything. I feel alot more comfortable asking questions and for more help is needed. We're going to try Neurontin to see if I can tolerate it ( I couldn't take Lyrica) and hope that it helps with the nerve pain.

Hugs back to you,

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