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Court rules suicide is compensable under workers comp
In my opinion, is this person in the news letter had medical documents that supported the issue at had. Surely it took a good Attorney to bring it as far as it went.

Just a note, how many of us ever been Diag (DX) with such problems, had them documented, and maybe even been treated?
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I have and still have depression issues....
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

The insurance co. caused my depression. Every time I went to my mailbox and got a note that was going against my treatment, fighting my rating made me so bad that I could not even get out of bed for days. It is bad enough that we lose everything we use to to in our life and to have to deal with them trying to take away more, or refuse treatments/medications to keep us from thinking suicidal thoughts. I know the IC just took away paying for my anti-depressants even though I chose to give them up myself. It is just the point they did that to me and blamed my depression on something else.
carpal tunnel recurrence/ neuropathy / RSD.
1/29/07 injury date. Permanent. PIR settlement 8/4/08 10%
I'm not sure where to go here but will try. Most of us , if not all have struggled with emotional imbalance at some time in our lives. I have mentioed before that I have PTSD. Not work related BUT 4 months after my injuries I lost it. Having PTSD already , the added stress, pain, anxiety of not knowing what was happening or going to happen brought on a breakdown. I have never been suicidal but now when I think back to the months pendt staring into space and being so sad that I was broken, my job I could never do again, ect. I guess I gave up without taking my life. Just gave up on life. I have a sister who committed suicide 6 years ago. She was emotionally unstable for many years before. Alot of life's blows brought her further and further down. A person without her history would have managed to get themselves out of the situation. She could not. IF someone's job injury or the treatment by WC causes someone to take their life I believe the family should be compensated. I just think it's a horror that his sounds like " Don't worry, we'll ruin your life, destroy you, make you feel as if there is nothing left and then IF you take your life we'll pay your beneficiary some money" Taht's a disgrace and also I wonder just what the family would go through trying to get a dime. Can't be any easier than us trying to get paid.

Good for Nevada. Injured workers and their families should be protected. The only way that this would be compensable is if depression was well documented and approved. In my case we had to go to a benefits review hearing to get depression approved as part of my workers compensation. I have several psych evaluations on file because of this too, so everything must be well documented. If it were well documented and a claims adjuster badgers, abuses, plays with that depressed persons mind then they deserve even more. I think they should be just as responsible as if they pulled the trigger, administer the pills or whatever means is used to terminate life. Afterall, it would be in the injured workers file just how unstable they were and they were diagnosed with depression. Now, in my case they fought over the verbiage used. They didn't want it stating "clinically depressed".

Ya know not long ago a mother of a teenage girl who via the internet traumatized another young teenage girl to the point the girl committed suicide was held responsible for her death. You just shouldn't mess around with anyone that is emotionally unstable.

Just my humble opinion!!!
I also have depression and it is well documented, my depression started when my adjuster denied all medical two years ago. I have several medical reports from different doctors, even IME doctors, my depression is due to pain and my uncertain situation, but w/c of course denied as work related.

A new adjuster took over my claim a few months ago and he paid my old medical claims right away, he sends my checks out at least four days earlier than the old one and he pays my attending physician's claim even if dx not accepted yet. Now I don't understand, why was the previous adjuster so mean to me? Why was she allowed to treat me as she did although I complained several times to her supervisor? Why was she allowed screaming at me over the phone and accusing me of doing " harm "to myself on purpose so I could continue collecting time loss after I complained of pain? Why was she allowed taking back payments from medical providers even though they were authorized by w/c?
I know she had a nervous breakdown as one of the temps indicated when I called, so a new adjuster was assigned to my case, but I still don't understand why w/c allows their adjusters to abuse us? I wish there was a way to sue them causing us so much stress that sometimes we think there is no way out except suicide.

Katie I really dont know what their job is like.....some have said they get bonus to get us off WC and back to work......some say they are just doing their jobs.... I cant answer as on here we have had adjusters on here that answer our questions with heart and knowlage some just give us the dry websites without telling us what these mean in words we understand....And some talk to us and about us like we are all fakers and are continuing to have pain just to spite them.....I know my husband went thru 2 adjusters and the last one was awesome made the whole thing smooth as silk....My adjuster was a witch and I ended up getting a lawyer just to get the medical help I needed....I think adjusters have a chitty job and I wouldnt want it...to know my decision could put a family on the street or end my job would be a hard one for most ....for me I would quit my job before I was the cause of children doing without meals or on the street just to make a bonus.....I know there are good ones out there just most of them find a job doing something besides distroying families as soon as they can
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......


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